Today on the Ready Enough podcast, I am honoured and delighted to have my friend and colleague Jo Casey on the show. I wanted to talk to her about something she deals with on an on-going basis that I do not. And that I know many of you do.

And that is Anxiety.

When is the experience of staying out of action, doubting our capacity, and feeling alone and isolated the Imposter Complex and when is it anxiety?

In this episode, Jo and I talk discuss that “positive thinking” to rid yourself of your problems is only part of the story, how Jo sees her anxiety and the imposter complex as a tag team, how anxiety functions with its on illogical logic, when anxiety can actually serve a semi-positive role (for Jo, it can make her hyper-focused), how anxiety plays into the sense of belonging, when anxiety plays into the lie of the impostor complex of “you must tell no one,” how anxiety plays into work and entrepreneur culture, and how messaging around anxiety functions differently in our culture for women.

“It's not always easy to get grounded without some additional help.Because one of the things that anxiety does is it kind of moves logic out of the way. It has its own particular logic to it.”
-Jo Casey

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