While my Imposter Complex work is confronting at the best of times, resistance and obstacles present themselves, to be certain, and I wanted Vanessa Mentor here to shine a light on her unique lived experience as a woman living and working in Haiti.

Vanessa is a freedom catalyst/ Life Coach and she helps women take better care of themselves and live a life that feels right for them. She specializes in working with ambitious professional women, free spirited creatives, and feminists entrepreneurs, who want to engage in their career, take care of their family, have relationships they want, without complying to niceness and the feminine code of conduct and getting diverted by the Happiness Trap.

But living in Haiti, a place where many basic needs are being unmet by most around her and self-actualization seems beyond frivolous, Vanessa has a unique perspective to share about the tension of belonging, impact, and privilege. We also talk about how challenging is it to run an on-line business when internet connectivity is contingent upon weather and political climate, how the Imposter Complex then plays into THAT space of belonging, and being the only woman from Haiti in a space of North Americans and Europeans and Australians.

“Living unrestrained is letting go of the shields, letting go of the expectations, and really stepping into making your own choices and deciding what's right for you.”

-Vanessa Mentor

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