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Star Tipping Intensive

One Exquisite and Immersed Day with Tanya Geisler


Star Tipping Intensive

One Exquisite and Immersed Day with Tanya Geisler

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I'm a Star Tipper

I am. It’s what I do. It’s what I’ve always done.

But let’s talk about you first.

Feel yourself standing in the darkened wings of a theatre. Metaphorically speaking. (Or not.) There is a spotlight trained on the middle of the stage. You feel the fullness of an ancient and familiar desire rise up within you. The desire of what you could do, what you could have, what you could be, what it would all mean…if only.

A felt sense of what would change for you, for everyone around you…if only.

If only…

If only you could believe, really believe that the spotlight was yours to step into. 
If only your courage wouldn’t escape you. If only you could stop living vicariously through others’ bravery and devotion to their art, their voice, their mission, their purpose, their calling. And if only you could finally claim yours.

Well, then that would begin to feel like your life well-lived, non? Like, you’ve doing what you were put here to do, right?

Yes. I agree.

You’re on the precipice. And you need to step in.

I've long been on a path towards self-assessment and self-awareness. I constantly strive for improvement, reflection, and feedback from those in my life and yet, even in the midst of my own wisdom and knowing, have always had a sliver of a missing piece. I was constantly on the hunt for one more expert or book or tool that would help it all connect. 

Not until I had the opportunity to spend a day with Tanya during the Star Tipping Intensive, did I realize that I've long had all of the pieces within me, I simply needed some gentle and loving, yet firm coaching to see how they fit together. 

Tanya was able to see and hear me, like no one else has ever been able. She has a magical way of listening (truly listening) in a deep and impactful way. The combination of her seeing and hearing me, and her thought-provoking and guiding questions is a recipe of true and stunning beauty. It allowed me to finally visualize the massive layers of my life's experience and see each of those layers as vastly important. After my day with Tanya, I now clearly see how I can leverage my innate uniqueness to intentionally deliver impact to my corner of the world—in ways that honor my heart and soul, and in ways that fuel me yet guard my resources. 

My best life's work is yet to come and I am grateful for the Star Tipping time I had with Tanya. Through the framework she has designed, you begin your day feeling hopeful, curious and ready. During the intensive, you experience exercises and guided conversations that get to the heart and essence of who you truly are (and what you already know to be true) and end your time together filled up with insight, purpose, clarity and direction.  

Even though the actual day's work with Tanya was incredibly powerful, I think the true beauty of the intensive is the serene yet driven ripple effect of what's happened since. I've made massively important decisions, set things in motion which have long been postponed and stepped out on the other side, finally in charge of my life. -Naomi Hattaway




 I call it Star Tipping.

I help people unapologetically and courageously step into their destiny with confidence and joy and velocity. And once your star has been tipped? Well, there’s no going back. The momentum carries you forward and beyond. Like, solar system, beyond.

So this work is not for the faint of heart.

Which is cool. Because your heart is anything but faint.


Having an entire day with Tanya felt like winning the lottery, hanging out with a best friend, and sitting across from a business guru whose singular focus and deep wisdom changed the course of my business, to be sure; far more, the manifestation of my heart in the world. She's brilliant. And because of such, she makes me that much more so. Star-tipping? Yes. But in truth, time with Tanya is far more like being surrounded and supported by an entire constellation. - Ronna Detrick



(One Day with Tanya Geisler) – Application Only


(One Day with Tanya Geisler) – Application Only

In person Intensive

The experience really begins the moment you choose to work with me in this way. I’ll send you some powerful inquiries as soon as you apply below by entering your details and IF it’s the right fit, we’ll connect via Skype a few weeks before the Intensive to set the stage for your magnificence.

After making your way to Toronto, you’ll check in to one of my three favourite boutique hotels of your choosing. We’ll have a quick call that night, and you’ll rest up in advance of the Intensive. Dreams may be bizarre. It happens.

I’ll come to you, bearing gifts to support our work and we’ll dive in. We’ll eat well (this star tipping work requires nourishment) and plan even better. You're the star. I'm the director. One chair with your name on it. Let's get this thing written, blocked, and up in lights.

The day will be ours to own…and your excellence will be activated.

What will we activate, specifically? Well, you know what it is you want. And now it’s time to make the plan. Yes, your fears, your insecurities, and your stories will show up. So will your desires, your hopes, your dreams, and the truths of your soul.

And THAT’S where we’ll plan from.

You're the Star. I'm the Director.

Let's get this thinG written, blocked up and up in lights. 

Could be, we’ll:

  • Refine your most desired life and business models.

  • Understand what’s beneath that fear of leading. The one that has kept you from accepting the offers, the raises, the opportunities and the promotions.

  • Deepen into an understanding of how the art that you’ve been called to express intersects with the rest of your life.

  • Design your Dream Cast to support you moving forward…and assemble it.

  • Shift your mindset so that making decisions becomes easy and assured.

  • Get you to stop fearing your gifts and talents that will assure your success and start owning them.

  • Map out the upcoming year.

COULD be. Only you know.

And soon enough, I’ll know too.

“Before the intensive with Tanya, I knew I had a bigger message to share but didn’t know what that was exactly. Spending the day with her was like being seen, really seen for the first time. The whole process was healing and empowering ... she has a way of gently guiding the truth of you, out. I felt held by the generosity of her spirit, because it is clear that this work lights up her whole being! I left Toronto with a renewed confidence, clarity and a strategic plan for my brand. Without this experience, I would still be just dreaming about creating it. Now it’s in full bloom and I am forever grateful to Tanya for that”. -Sandy Veilleux




Investment: $4500 USD

(Star Tipping Intensive Includes: 2 nights at hotel, 3 meals, our day together, a night-before check-in call, a 30-minute call pre-Intensive, a 30-minute call post-retreat, plus swoon-worthy goodies.)

This is the package that I yearned for when I was waiting for my own star to be tipped.

“A day with Tanya is a magical blissful journey. After the intensive, I am not the same person as before—but I am so much more ME. Tanya creates an open-minded, warmth and loving place. She holds you safe and challenges you. She always has the right questions and ideas to bring the best version of yourself out of you. Her amazing ability to listen, to see you and receive you, and to connect all the dots in your personality and business brings out the star in you. It was one of the best investments I’ve made in myself and in my business. With her intuitive and clear guidance, I cleared all the foggy things around my business and now I see clearly who I am, what I bring to the world, and how I can build and change my business. I have a clear direction and a plan, which gives me freedom and it is absolutely doable. I am so excited about my next steps! The only thing I regret about the experience is that I could only do the virtual day—so I missed the opportunity to give Tanya a big big hug in person!” -Veronika Krytzner


If travel is prohibitive,
consider the

Star Tipping VIRTUAL Intensive.

A full day of deepening and delight in the comfort of your home (and yoga pants). We’ll meet via Skype. 


Your Star Tipping VIRTUAL Intensive Includes all the above minus the travel (and night before check-in call): 

  • A 30-minute pre-Intensive call to design the day based on your needs and desires

  • 90-minute Spotlight Session in the morning

  • An exercise for you to do on your own

  • A 30 minute check-in call

  • A one hour break for rest and reflection

  • A two hour planning session in the afternoon (think: book proposal, new suite of offerings, retreat design, signature talk...)

  • MP3 recordings of our every call

  • A follow up email with specific notes about what I saw and what needs attention, as well as scans of any sketches I’ve made.

  • A 30-minute follow up call one week post-Intensive

  • Plus you’ll receive a package of bespoke goodies in advance of our Intensive. Think Loot Bag…before the party.

Investment: $2750 USD


Take a Bow: You’ll have your plan in place. And you’ll be unstoppable.