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I'm a Star Tipper

I am. It’s what I do. It’s what I’ve always done.

But let’s talk about you first.

Feel yourself standing in the darkened wings of a theatre. Metaphorically speaking. (Or not.) There is a spotlight trained on the middle of the stage. You feel the fullness of an ancient and familiar desire rise up within you. The desire of what you could do, what you could have, what you could be, what it would all mean…if only.

A felt sense of what would change for you, for everyone around you…if only.

If only…

If only you could believe, really believe that the spotlight was yours to step into. 
If only your courage wouldn’t escape you. If only you could stop living vicariously through others’ bravery and devotion to their art, their voice, their mission, their purpose, their calling. And if only you could finally claim yours.

Well, then that would begin to feel like your life well-lived, non? Like, you’ve doing what you were put here to do, right?

Yes. I agree.

You’re on the precipice. And you need to step in.