I call it Star Tipping.

I help people unapologetically and courageously step into their destiny with confidence and joy and velocity. And once your star has been tipped? Well, there’s no going back. The momentum carries you forward and beyond. Like, solar system, beyond.

So this work is not for the faint of heart.

Which is cool. Because your heart is anything but faint.


Having an entire day with Tanya felt like winning the lottery, hanging out with a best friend, and sitting across from a business guru whose singular focus and deep wisdom changed the course of my business, to be sure; far more, the manifestation of my heart in the world. She's brilliant. And because of such, she makes me that much more so. Star-tipping? Yes. But in truth, time with Tanya is far more like being surrounded and supported by an entire constellation. - Ronna Detrick