In person Intensive

The experience really begins the moment you choose to work with me in this way. I’ll send you some powerful inquiries as soon as you apply below by entering your details and IF it’s the right fit, we’ll connect via Skype a few weeks before the Intensive to set the stage for your magnificence.

After making your way to Toronto, you’ll check in to one of my three favourite boutique hotels of your choosing. We’ll have a quick call that night, and you’ll rest up in advance of the Intensive. Dreams may be bizarre. It happens.

I’ll come to you, bearing gifts to support our work and we’ll dive in. We’ll eat well (this star tipping work requires nourishment) and plan even better. You're the star. I'm the director. One chair with your name on it. Let's get this thing written, blocked, and up in lights.

The day will be ours to own…and your excellence will be activated.

What will we activate, specifically? Well, you know what it is you want. And now it’s time to make the plan. Yes, your fears, your insecurities, and your stories will show up. So will your desires, your hopes, your dreams, and the truths of your soul.

And THAT’S where we’ll plan from.

You're the Star. I'm the Director.

Let's get this thinG written, blocked up and up in lights. 

Could be, we’ll:

  • Refine your most desired life and business models.
  • Understand what’s beneath that fear of leading. The one that has kept you from accepting the offers, the raises, the opportunities and the promotions. 
  • Deepen into an understanding of how the art that you’ve been called to express intersects with the rest of your life. 
  • Design your Dream Cast to support you moving forward…and assemble it.
  • Shift your mindset so that making decisions becomes easy and assured.
  • Get you to stop fearing your gifts and talents that will assure your success and start owning them.
  • Map out the upcoming year.

COULD be. Only you know.

And soon enough, I’ll know too.