You have a burning question.
A burning desire.
A burning knowing.

And all that burning is hard to hold by yourself.


Let me hold it with you.

My hands are fireproof and are made for this. So’s my heart and mind.

Bring your questions, challenges, issues and you will seriously not believe just how deep and far we can go in 30 minutes.

What can we tackle? Think:

Confidence. Clarity.  Content. Courage.

  • Your next product idea.
  • The outline of your signature talk.
  • Planning for that difficult conversation.
  • Saying YES with confidence. (Also? NO.)
  • Your Q4 goals.
  • Lighting up the dark corner of your confidence.
  • Strategies to work past your Impostor Complex.
  • Getting ready for that THING you’ve always wanted.
  • Naming your Starring Role.

You choose. You will name the issue when you hit purchase and that’s where we’ll go on the day and time of your choosing. Deep, swift and strong.

And you WILL walk away with so so much more than you bargained for. And assigned action items to make it happen.

(Already know that you want more? Then the Spotlight Sessions are for you.)

It doesn’t take too long for a star to burst open. We’ll make it happen in 30 minutes. And the radiant impact on your life?


You might think ‘how much can we possibly get done in 30 minutes?’, but you’ll be amazed. Light bulb aha’s with practical, actionable, strategy to boot. Tanya is lightning in a bottle. Book yours now.
— Jo Casey

I’m offering these power-packed sessions ONLY from August 6th to the 16th.
So if you want in, grab your spot NOW.

30 minutes. $100 dollars.

Click this link, make your payment, pick your time, and tell me your ONE question.

The Spotlight Session I did with Tanya last year rocked my world. Tanya saw me in ways I couldn’t see for myself and since then she has been loving me into the life I have always wanted. And she loves hard, and fierce, and nurturing and true. I’m not the same now.
— Deb Nicholson