Step into Your Starring Role RetreatS


Step into Your Starring Role RetreatS


I am a big fan of on-line learning. It’s why I created the Your Starring Role Playbook.

But I am an even bigger fan of the magic that happens when we convene. When we gather. When we commune. When we break bread. When we touch. When we hug. When we look each other in the eye. When we really SEE each other.

And that’s why after close to 10 years of doing my best work on-line, I’m now offering in-person retreats. 

Participants have called this one day retreat: magical, illuminating, epic, motivating, inspiring, revelatory, uplifting, cozy, mind-blasting, healing, grounding, supportive, loving, and luxurious.

And then some.

I hit a milestone yesterday- fully booked with my coaching practice until the end of July. Step into your Starring Role was a huge shift for me. It helped me see myself differently and gave me permission to SHOW UP for myself, for my clients, and for the world. Deep bow, mamma T. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Tanya Geisler is pure magic. -Avery Ford

Thank you Tanya for an absolutely life changing couple of days. Thank you for sharing yourself so freely with all of us. - Robyn Holloway

Tanya's "Step Into Your Starring Role" workshop was absolutely incredible. Her words at that event brought tears to my eyes, several "a-ha" moments and a life-altering realization that not only are the self-doubt and "imposter" thoughts I have about being worthy and deserving of the life that I want - a very common theme in all of our minds, but she also gave me so many tools, affirmations, and reminders of why all of those nasty mean-girl thoughts are complete and utter lies, in addition to how we can combat them as well. 

It doesn't matter how often you hear about what the imposter-complex does to keep you constricted and how it causes you to dim your light, Tanya always has a way of helping you work around those fears and embracing and re-igniting your true power. The words she teaches are so powerful and so crucially important to remind yourself of every single day. I will definitely be going back to the "Step Into Your Starring Role" workshop when I get the chance, and would recommend it to every single human being who ever doubts their power, their potential and their true capabilities. - Sarah Lajeunesse

sara borean.jpg

Tanya will illuminate your presence, your gifts, beauty and the chambers of your heart. She'll make you realize that it is time - to write your wants on life's alter, and to take action. I never knew that a person could do this after meeting them for the first time -- she's just that good! 

Sara Borean
Brand Strategist

Tanya and her team created the most exquisite experience and I'm certain I will feel the ripple effects from this one day for years to come!  I was taken care of from the moment I entered the amazing space where the retreat was held to the moment I walked out the door.  We shared delicious food, thought-provoking discussions and exercises, tears and laughter.  I left with my heart full and my head buzzing with excitement and ideas about what's next for me and my business.

Simone Goudreau
life coach + facilitator

kimberly igmas.jpg

The high vibration of the day was amazing, I have never felt more at home.  It was all about me and 24 other like minded beautiful people.  I have be working on my self care and my calling for ages now.  Trying to find the balance and just before lunch someone said something about motherhood and I lost it inside, tears in my eyes and I felt like a light was shining through me.  

Kimberly Ignas

Tanya is a gifted facilitator. With her skills and grace she led a group of 20 women, for the most part strangers with different paths and dreams, for two days of deep self discovery and true community. Learning on day one that I am not alone in sharing my journey with inner critics was very powerful and transformational for me. That lead to day two, and discovering for myself what my starring role is and what really and truly brings me joy. Since the workshop so much magic has happened: more self confidence, deeper connections, and new clients galore. I am forever grateful to Tanya for this experience. It truly changed my life.

 Laurie Rauk


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