Welcome to TGtv

The intention behind TGtv is to tackle the issues that have been showing up in my clients’ lives and businesses (holding confidentiality sacrosanct, of course, and AND with their permission). My experience has been that if it shows up repeatedly with my clients, it’s likely showing up with my readers too, and so I wanted to have a place to share with you the tools, methods and ideas that we’ve used to help them move forward. In the hopes that it will do the same for you. Enjoy!

Episode 8: What if someone in your life doesn’t WANT you to step into your starring role?

Episode 7: Healthy & Happy wishes for my 10-year old girl

Episode 6: Video Valentine

Episode 5: Traditions, rules and stories (or, the time I peed in public)

Episode 4: How NOT to Launch

Episode 3: What kind of person do you want to be?

Episode 2: Making the Ask

Episode 1: Receiving and Giving Feedback


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