The Step into Your Starring Role process is the one I’ve been living and perfecting my whole life. I’ve taught the process to  thousands of people so far through workshops, webinars and live events, individual coaching and group coaching programs and most recently, through the self-guided digital Starring Role Playbook.

To be certain, the Step into Your Starring Role process is THE process that graciously and expertly guides you from HERE to THERE. From apprenticeship to mastery. From wish to fulfillment. From dream to do. From waiting to be tapped in to taking centre stage (EXACTLY where you belong).

The same process you will, gratefully, come back to this process time and time and time again, every time you are on the precipice of expansion. Of your desires.

Because as we say around here: the party is on the other side of the resistance.

So yes, the PROCESS is boss.

The work I did during this course, with your guidance, gave me the permission to trust myself, helped me believe that my experiences are worthy, and brought me to a place where I could get quiet enough to hear my own wisdom. This is priceless.
— Tania Wojciechowski
Step into Your Starring Role is a proven coaching process so you can learn how to respond to the Impostor Complex when it comes up and move forward despite the little voice in the back of your head.
— Tara Gentile
tara gentile
This program made me ask myself, ‘am I shy or am I hiding?’ Dang it, I’ve been hiding.
— Melsha Shea

But it’s The Academy that the brilliant lights who are drawn to deepening into this work have been asking for.

More immersed time with the content. More community. More coaching with ME. More activation. More propulsion. And an in-person celebration.

We listened.

And so...the envelope please...