Welcome, fellow Imperfect Bosses.

You, like me, (and Tina Fey and Chris Martin and Lupita Nyongo and Amanda Palmer and and and), and the hundreds of leaders I've coached...just may be experiencing the Impostor Complex. When you worry your clients will find out you're not that capable, or that you aren't "good enough" to accept that speaking gig, or you find yourself thinking that this bit of success won't last so why bother, that's when you know the Impostor Complex is running the show. 

But the good news is that the FACT that you are experiencing the Impostor Complex actually MEANS that you are high-functioning with strong values of mastery, excellence and integrity. The very things that make you a #BOSS Boss.

Truth is? ACTUAL frauds don't feel like frauds.

I have worked with hundreds of leaders on owning their magnificence, finding clarity in their purpose, and getting the results that change their vocation and their lives. I'm a masterful CTI-certified life coach, a wife, a mom, and TEDx Women speaker (on, what else? The Impostor Complex). I’ve been called a “Star Tipper” by Danielle LaPorte and the Empress of Empowerment by more clients than I can count. I’m pretty proud of both of those monikers. 


AND? I have also listened to the ugly voice of the Impostor Complex one too many times.

I'm over it.

Because, like you, I've got things to say and stages to climb and lives to change. Nobody has time for the Impostor Complex.  It's time YOU found your way past it too.

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