You want propulsion and expansion.
And a safe place from which to launch.
You want to activate on your what’s next.
And deep care and respite for the deep work required.

You can have all of that.
And then some.
For the first time ever, I am bringing the magic of my Step into Your Starring Role retreats into your home office. Or living room. Or cabin. Wherever you do your deepest work.
And I’ll bring it virtually. No travel documents, passports or hotel rooms (unless you choose to retreat there) required.
You and me and a small and intimate group of seekers, healers, activists, leaders, dreamers and doers ready to step into their magnificence, into their sovereignty, into their leadership. Ready to step into their starring role.

Just like you.

How does it work?

You pay your deposit here. (Sept 28th only it’s $222 and after that, it goes up to $375)

You will then receive some instructions from us to start getting prepared so it’s like the work begins immediately. You will then receive access to the Step into Your Starring Role Playbook (value $300). You can dive into that right away or wait until after the retreat. It’s yours to play with as you like. (And you will like.)

A week before the retreat, you will receive a box of goodies so goody it’s uncontainable.

Think practical like your new favourite pen and worksheets and paper. Tools of the trade.

Then think essential like chocolates, tea, oils, crystals...everything you will need to swathe yourself in care as we do the deep soul work of stepping into our starring role.  Luxe luminosity. Right down to a gift card for Whole Foods so your nourishing lunch is waiting for you when we break. And beyond? Reminders of the work you’ve done and gifts of encouragement to keep on going.

On October 23rd, two days before the retreat day, we will open the FB group for some pre-retreat canoodling.

We will convene at 9:30 on October 25th, playlist grooving, candles lit and prepared to enter the deliciousness of the day.

I will lead you and your fellow star steppers in the Step into Your Starring Role work. Deep, Rich and transformative. By the end of the day, you will know your what’s next, your how, the barriers, how to overcome them, and you will be in action.

You will be coached (oh how you will be coached). You will be seen. You will be heard. You will expand. You will be forever changed.

In short: you WILL step into your starring role. The one you’ve been waiting for all along. The one that’s been waiting for you to step in. 

No bigs.

We’ll be using the Crowdcast platform and a free conference line for the partner work. 


Who is this for? 

Who is this not for?