Where do you turn when you feel self-doubt shows up?

Listen, self-doubt happens to the best, the most successful and the most brilliant of us. Often. In fact, self-doubt is a wildly powerful teacher. 

But it’s kind of a pain in the ass and one that can hold you back from your great work.  Your purpose. Your life. And as we know…life is short.

Too short. Blink and it’s gone.

I’m in good company in believing that living a full life requires us to be present to what’s here, and I’ve found that precious little brings us here like celebration. I take a strong stand for sinking into the deliciousness of all that we have been graced with. And to celebrate with full hearts:: each other AND ourselves.

We revel with ease in the light of others, which puts us halfway there. I want you to revel in your own light.

You’ve done, seen, delivered, given, shared, helped so much. But sitting back and basking in it is so, erm, gauche, narcissistic, and conceited, non?


Gather YUM + YAY Goodness

Curating all the  light that you’re shining out is what YUM + YAY Goodness is all about. Gathering proof of your awesome. It’s all out there, we’re just corralling it in, with the help of the people who deeply want you to see it.

When you see it, you can stoke it.

And you can do more. Better. For all.

Inviting in how you are seen, really seen by others is a gift. For them. For you. And ultimately? For us all.

I talk more about YUM + YAY in my TEDx talk which you can watch here.

YUM + YAY Goodness is a simple and powerful set of prompts for you to build a resource that will become a touchstone of your power and brilliance. Every time you are about to climb a mountain, face down a baddy, or find yourself doubting eventhismuch, you can come back to your YUM + YAY folder to remember what you’ve forgotten:: that you’ve got this.

“Long after Tanya inspired me to create my YUM + YAY folder, I still print out things to add to it. And on the days when I feel swamped with doubt about my own worth, I love being able to turn to that folder and remember my own awesomeness.” – Step into Your Starring Role Participant

Take some time with the exercises, be sure to breathe it all in, and spread it around.

But be forewarned…you will be swimming in gratitude. Bring your waterwings.