If working with me one-on-One simply isn't in the cards, here is what I have for you. 


Beyond Compare

What would you create if you were free  from your compulsion to compare? This is a game-changing self-study program for people who want to quit comparing themselves to other people and get on with the business of sharing their good work in the world. 


Board of Your Life

Board of Your Life is a gathering of the cast of your life. It's an opportunity to see yourself and your starring role the way others see you. The goal is to discover our own ambitions and aspirations and explore ways of bringing them to the stage... in the most supportive, nurturing and structured way imaginable.

It's an experience that will change your life.


12 Lies of the Impostor Complex

Knowing the lies will make way for the truth. And will make way for your world-changing gifts. This is a resource you will come back to time and again. And it's yours for free.