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Life’s a grand production. Step into your starring role.



Life’s a grand production. Step into your starring role.

Life is a Grand Production

And when I say that, I do not mean “life is a complex series of trials to endure”.

Instead, I mean that engineering and manifesting your artful, intentional, meaningful and joyous life – yes joyous, it can and must be joyous – can take a long time.

Like half your years on earth.

And that time can be gorgeous, productive and generative. As writer and rambling story-teller Garrison Keilor says, “Nothing bad ever happens to a writer. It’s all material.”

It’s All Material

And that’s not only true for writers, it’s true for all of us. Your life is your art. Everything in your education, history, career and personal life has schooled you, deepened you, prepared you.

Your life, as it is now, has been the preparation – the production – needed to launch your next project. The project where you shine. Project You. Project Life, Well Lived. Project Now.

The project where you step into your starring role and your radiance lights up the world.

Because I know that for you, it isn’t all about you. Your starring role isn’t in The Me-Me-Me Show. Your mission – your life – is nota vanity project. It’s about creating and contributing to a better world by becoming a better person. By stepping into your most glorious, radiant, productive, purposeful self…and by using your life and your gifts to instigate change and instill joy.

For yourself and the world.

Move Into Magnificence

And that’s true for me, too. That’s what I do. That’s what I do for you.

I’m a Leadership Coach and I came to coaching after years and years in an outwardly successful but ultimately unsatisfying career in advertising. I logged the hours, delivered the goods and shook the hands of satisfied clients time and again. I kept waiting for the deep-seated feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction to arrive. They didn’t.

I also suffered, a lot, from a myriad of “not good enough, not smart enough, not ready” beliefs. Any success I enjoyed I chalked up to someone else having made a mistake. I though it was just a matter of time before they found out I was a fake. Turns out, I had been suffering from the Impostor Complex(You too? You’re in exquisite company). I just couldn’t quite get out of the rut.

It took the passing of my mother to get me “unstuck”. After she left, I heard — really heard — her lifelong mantra for the first time.

Don’t Postpone Joy

So I didn’t. I got to work, digging deep, getting clear, getting certified, and giving back.

And embracing joy.

That journey – the journey to embrace joy and live my fullest and most gloriously expansive life, and to empower you to do the same – has lit me up, personally and professionally. I know with radiant certainty what I’m here to do:

  • Bring shine back into your life. Period.

  • Help you overcome the Impostor Complex so that you can Own Your Authority.

  • Inspire BIG CHANGE and empower you to achieve it.

To do that – and help you do that, too – I’ve been studying the Impostor Complex, writing about it and speaking about it (at TEDxWomen). I’ve developed a bustling effective one-on-one coaching practice and transformative programs like Step into Your Starring Role and Board of Your Life.

Coach = Catalyst

What all of this means is that in the grand, artful production that is your life, I play a pivotal role in your cast of supporting characters

…but I’m not your director or even your assistant director. I don’t tell you what to do. I don’t have an agenda for who you’ve got to be or what you’ve got to do or how your marvelous story will unfurl. My investment is in you, your vision and YOUR dreams. In you becoming your best you.

So I’m not your boss (you’re the boss of you!). I’m your coach. I’m the person who supports and encourages and inspires you to the heights to which you aspire. I’m the person who helps you clarify your purpose, gets you going and holds you accountable for realizing your vision. I’m your catalyst.

Because you are the star. This is your show. This is your grand production. This is your life.

Live it up. Light it up. Shine. Star.

Here’s how:

Those are the scripts, prompts and programs I’ve created for you to practice joy, prepare to shine…and launch your grand production.

Life, starring you.

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My preference for interviews is, in order: video (any opportunity for new lipstick, ammirite?) audio, THEN written q+a. But all things are negotiable. Just ask.

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Nice things people are saying


Nice things people are saying


When I have my coaching calls with Tanya, everything re-orders.
Everything deepens.
Everything clarifies.
Everything feels loved when I am with her.
She helps me see what I really need to see.
She helps me get in alignment with my clearest path.
She helps me deepen into myself in a beautiful way.
Tanya's my gal.
And, I am so grateful that she is on my team.
It's an incredible blessing.

 – Bari Tessler

Being mentored by you is sacred, beautiful, powerful. Our sessions remind me of the transmutation qualities of the Violet Flame – I talk and express pieces that I am struggling with, uncertain of, sometimes insecure about… and you take them and transmute them, alchemize them, free them. It’s like putting the not so great stuff through the fire and coming out shiny and new, more myself in all of the best ways. You are one of the most gifted and most intuitive women I know. – Lisa Briggs

Tanya very quickly and authentically got to the heart of the things I wanted to change in my business and gave me some great ideas. She showed me how, as an artist and entrepreneur, my identity as a person is intimately connected to the identity of my business. Her kindness and thoughtful encouragement helped me trust my voice and harness my own magic. Her blend of a heart-centered approach with actionable steps were just right for my artist soul. – Melanie Gordon

Tanya Geisler has superpowers… a call with her and I feel like I just got an injection of brave juice. – Carmen Torbus

I am astounded by this woman. Tanya has this incredible ability to tap in to what is needed, in the most loving yet incredibly honest and fierce way. She's able to immediately see past the shit to the stuff that truly matters and keep me focused on achieving my greatest work. After our first call, I felt like I could achieve just about anything. Seriously. She is absolute intuitive magic and I can't recommend her enough. We all need Tanya in our lives. Hire her. You're welcome. - Cyndie Spiegal

I can thank Tanya Geisler a million times and will still not have thanked her enough for planting this new seed in my head – It doesn’t have to be hard. I got 90 minutes of one-on-one time on the phone with this woman and it changed. my life. I am serious. I haven’t cried from stress since. I have cried from JOY, however.) – Lesley de Santis

If you need a super smart and I mean all kinds of smart coach, hire Tanya. I’ve been coached by some of the best, so I know! – Jennifer Louden

Tanya’s coaching brings together no-nonsense truth-telling, great compassion, and a kind of fierce love. I highly recommend working with her if you are ready to claim a bigger game and more joyous life! – Tara Mohr

Work with Tanya – you’ll get clarity + support + deeper insight. You’ll free yourself to do the extraordinary things in your life + business you want. It’s world changing – Miranda Webb

TaraGentile (1).jpg

I have a successful business, a positive attitude, and a solid grasp on big life changes. Yet, I need a coach to keep me on the right path–and accelerating towards my best life. Tanya is that coach. She focuses tough questions and generous love on things hiding just below the surface and offers tools that keep me in the driver’s seat of my own life. – Tara Gentile

You have given me something priceless: a ticket back to myself. 

I was forgetting my soul's gifts for a while there but not after our time together. I'm centered, present and the fears are kept at bay. 

It's nothing short of a miracle this shift in my core. I know there's lot of work ahead of me and for the first time in a long time it doesn't feel like a heavy burden on my shoulders, but more like an exciting adventure.

After our sessions a fire burns fiercely in my heart calling me to expand, to burn what is no longer serving me and step into the role I feel called to play. Your input on my semicoherent thoughts seemed to unscramble the mess I had in my head. I laid a whole bunch of seemingly disconnected ideas in front of you and like a magic weaver you showed me the pattern and the possibilities. 

'Thank you' is not enough. I will hold you in the fire of my heart, in my prayers and my thoughts so your path will always be graced with the scent and colors of wild flowers.

We will meet again. That's for sure.

- Carolina Luciani


Just got off the phone with you, and am blown away by all the actionable, brilliant and inspired actions to take next in my business. You are amazingly talented and it is an honor to work with you! Thank you for your boundless generosity! – Maile Topliff


Tanya truly has a gift. She is intelligent, trustworthy, kind, and focused. Rather than tell me what to do, she paraphrases what I’ve already said or guides me into telling myself what I really need to hear, which I find very powerful. I would not be where I am today without her and I am extremely grateful. Her process works and I would recommend it to anyone. – Jennifer Torres


Tanya is a soulful coach with a HUGE heart. She helped me to manifest my thoughts into BIG changes. – Safina Khimani


Tanya helped me get clear on what it is I wanted for my life. She asks firm, accountable questions in a gentle, compassionate way. It helped me recognize what I like about my current professional situation and what I want to change. If you are looking for a person who can balance firmness with gentleness, Tanya is your girl! – Jennifer Saunders


Your reputation of being so amazingly intuitive, wise & effective hardly gives one a true knowing until meeting & experiencing your presence. tanya, you truly are a wizard. – shāna


Everything about my work has become more vibrant and ease-filled. Tanya is masterful at standing for my genius. – Dara McKinley

KatiaMillar (1).jpg

Powerful, authentic & insightful! Tanya just gets “it” and knows exactly how to ask the right questions & provide the guidance to help you create that breakthrough in your life! – Katia Millar


Tanya is a masterful coach who gets me, and more importantly, helps ME get me. In working with her, it¹s all coming clearly into focus. In the most amazing way. – Barbara Morris


Tanya is a kick-ass soul-liberator. I came into our jam session overwhelmed and confused about how to make money with my business. She expertly identified my blind spots and generated about 10 ideas I could use in the next 30 days. I’ve now launched 4 new marketing campaigns that will get the money rolling in and allow me the freedom to build my business. Tanya gave me a big ol’ permission slip to say YES to living my dream. – Stephanie St. Claire


Tanya has a way about her that gets the solutions out of you and leaves you astounded by the ease of getting from the ‘thinking’ to the ‘doing’. She gently and firmly gets you to do the fantastic work you have always wanted to do. The journey is exhilarating and I’m constantly asking her to marry me – hire her NOW!. – Sri Padmanabhan


Tanya, as if by magic, cracked into my mind and did a little tapdance on it, reached in and gave my heart a loving defibrillation, and then showed me the way to the most authentic of soul-stirrings. Tanya helped me dump a steamer trunk’s worth of crap that I didn’t even know I was humping around. Tanya is a coach of the highest order, a seeker’s suggester, and I’m so blessed and honored to have found her. – Ali Connell

And a lovely video testimonial I received from author S. M. Boyce…

Spotlight Sessions

GloriaRoheimMcRae (1).jpg

After 90 minutes of coaching, I had unimaginable clarity, focus and an inspiring action plan. The next year of my life took on a new dimension of purpose and a deeper belief in myself, after the work we did together. She saw to the core of who I am and articulated my unique value back to me with the kind of compassion and igniting fire that only Tanya can bring. I can hardly wait for her coaching on the draft of my next training program. With Tanya on my team, it’s sure to be a hit. She is an inimitable, purpose-activating coach with strategy and soul for days. – Gloria Roheim McRae

EsmeWang (1).jpg

Time spent talking to Tanya Geisler is time exquisitely spent. In speaking to her, I find not the prescriptive words of a self-proclaimed guru, but the truth of my deepest heart reflected to me. – Esmé Wang

Willow (1).jpg

Holy moly, great balls of FIRE – @TanyaGeisler is a magical, intuitive high priestess! Loved our call today. Soaking in the divinity. – Willo O’Brien

TammyBell (1).jpg

Thank you for the gift of clarity, but more, for the gift YOU are! Wise, focused, stellar dot-connector, gentle companion, strong nudge, articulate communicator, joy to simply be in the presence of. I have had many wonderful coaches and guides over countless years and for various reasons, but I can say without hesitation that your way of being with me was the most authentically in-tune with my deepest need at that moment. – Tammy Bell

Kandice1 (1).jpg

My session with Tanya totally changed the way I saw myself and was like one continuous AHA! moment! She really listens and provides razor-sharp insight that will keep you moving forward in your life. – Kandice N Cole

MichellePena (1).jpg

Tanya Geisler is a powerhouse! Her knowledge, skills and spot on intuitive insights, makes her a force to be reckoned with! What she was able to do in our Spotlight Session was nothing short of incredible. She asked the right questions that brought a clarity, I’ve been longing for, transforming the vision of my company. Tanya laid out action plans propelling me to move toward my next steps, which will take me & my company to another level. It was just what I needed for my company to be rebirthed! Xo – Michelle Pena

Tanya Geisler is truly a wonderful coach. The kind of person who actually can get you to do things differently. Or, more to the point, the kind who can actually help you stop telling yourself all the reasons why you can't! - Mary Ann Mhina

When I say Tanya is an extraordinary coach, I mean she is seriously effing brilliant. Her powers of insight move at the speed of a sleek & shiny Tesla. Her heart is one of the hugest I've ever witnessed. And wisdom?  Don't get me started.

Spotlight Coaching Session(s) with her will give you enough to chew on for months...and then some. - Lauren Bacon

After a session with Tanya my heart is literally exploding with creative insight and passion!  I have so much brilliant ju-ju flowing through me that can hardly even sit down.  With her help, I seriously think that I might be able to fly! Seriously! - Katharine Bainbridge 

Having an entire day with Tanya felt like winning the lottery, hanging out with a best friend, and sitting across from a business guru whose singular focus and deep wisdom changed the course of my business, to be sure; far more, the manifestation of my heart in the world. She's brilliant. And because of such, she makes me that much more so. Star-tipping? Yes. But in truth, time with Tanya is far more like being surrounded and supported by an entire constellation. - Ronna Detrick

Step Into Your Starring Role


Through this process, I was able to dream bigger than I would otherwise have on my own and take steps that I wouldn’t have had the courage to take otherwise. To my delight and surprise, I came out with the vision for a whole new community and body of work, and have created this. I feel reinvigorated, excited, and ready for what’s next! – Hannah Braime


I am leaving this program with new friends, with a much deeper appreciation of my own values, with a system I can apply to every new cycle of my growth, and with a grounded sense of my own worth. I am leaving this program with that missing piece of myself fully integrated. I am leaving this program whole. – Amy Palko


This process has been life-changing and life-shattering for me, in a good way. I truly appreciate your uncanny talent as an archaeologist of abandoned dreams. – Debra Eve


The program Tanya’s developed to help us understand and conquer why we hold ourselves back is so unique, insightful and truly brilliant! Many times I sat back completely astounded. She’s a masterful coach and it shows. She was able to turn my imposter complex upside down and invite me to accept what I hold true in my heart. Drop any doubt and step up with Tanya. She’s got you. – Christine Francoeur


The work I did during this course, with your guidance, gave me the permission to trust myself, helped me believe that my experiences are worthy, and brought me to a place where I could get quiet enough to hear my own wisdom. This is priceless. – Tania Wojciechowski


I would recommend Step Into Your Starring Role to any woman who needs to bridge the maddening gap between “almost ready” and “truly ready” to move forward and manifest her dreams. Tanya’s powerful exercises, perceptive witnessing and gently nudging support all helped me realize how I could begin to more deeply engage with my own strengths and inner critics. –Thekla Richter


The most unexpected and delightful surprise was the power of the community of bright stars she attracted here to do this transformational work with me. It really put a point on the universality of the growing pains involved with this quantum leap work. Having Tanya and these powerful women in my corner gave me much courage in taking the big leaps and trusting that I would be safe and held no matter the outcome. – Amy Miyamoto


My work with the Step Into Your Starring Role technology really began when I was living for a month in a cottage, alone, having been awarded a writing residency. I remember printing out the worksheets in the pump house — the only place with both the Internet and a printer — and bringing them back to my desk. Since then, a number of things have happened. I applied to speak, and spoke, in front of 3000 people at the World Domination Summit. I self-published a beautiful book. I published an essay that was a Staff Pick on Longreads, analyzed by the MIT Science Journalism blog, and selected as Weekend Reading by the New Yorker Online — and I just found out that a production company is interested in the film and TV rights. Coincidence? Not at all. I know that the things I learned in SIYSR not only impacted the last few months of my life, but are also things that I can return to again and again. And that is absolutely amazing. – Esmé Wang


Step Into Your Starring Role allowed me to finally name and articulate not just the words, but the feeling of who I am and what I do in my work. It surprised me that I struggled with that over the years but mirrored in the loving eyes of Tanya and the group of women, I could see and know the truth of who I am and what I create. That changed so much about my work- it made it easier to write copy, to create programs, and to walk in the world in a newly refined energy and my Divine Identity. Working with Tanya Geisler in any capacity, is something I would recommend to those I most love… she is beyond talented, intuitive, generous… she is unusual. Sign yourself up. – Lisa Briggs


JulieParker (1).jpg

Tanya Geisler is a heartfelt, gifted and brilliant speaker. Filled with warmth, wisdom and amazing insights into what can truly help us all shine brightly, Tanya’s presentation on the Imposter Complex at our Inspiration Day in NYC was beyond incredible. The feedback we have received is that she was ‘life changing’ which has come as no surprise to us in the least! She created a tonne of fan girls in what seemed like a moment.

Do whatever you need to do to bring this woman to your stage. She will crack open the hearts of your audience and be the best hiring decision you’ve ever made. She has been mine. – Julie Parker, CEO and Founder, Beautiful You Coaching Academy


As a TEDx event organizer, Tanya was a delight to work with both behind the scenes and the impact of her talk on the audience was undeniable. Tanya is a natural. – Lianne Raymond, TEDx Isfel


Tanya’s role as a G Day Toronto 2015 Presenter (and MC of the Champions-only portion of the day) was pivotal in setting the stage for an entire day’s worth of communication and relationship-building in a group of over 200 adolescent girls and their parents and other caregivers. She engaged us all with her own authentic truth-telling, crafted a powerful framework and series of questions to connect us more deeply with one another, held the space for what ensued, and had us laughing all the while. Work of this calibre is literally priceless: Tanya is truly magnificent. – Madeleine Shaw, G Day Toronto 2015


Tanya’s genuine warmth, wisdom and love of life made her an inspiration to work with and to observe onstage. From her resourcefulness and flexibility throughout the planning process to her brilliance as a speaker and facilitator, Tanya added immense value to G Day for Girls’ inaugural Toronto event. Tanya’s workshop translated our organization’s core values into a presentation that hit home on an emotional and intellectual level.

As the host of a full day program of speakers and workshops, Tanya maintained a space for heartfelt expression, honouring the speakers and engaging the audience with her authentic charisma. – Emily Rose Antflick, G Day Toronto Community Leader


With her warm radiance and authentic style, Tanya is incredibly skillful at gauging the energy in the room and connecting with the audience in a powerful way. She is an insightful speaker with just the right blend of skill, compassion and charisma. I look forward to having her back next year! – Katia Millar, Founder & Chief Inspirational Officer | Positive Fabulous Women


Tanya’s “Owning Your Authority” keynote was uplifting, empowering and enlightening – and a message EVERY woman needs to hear. It was refreshing to be told to be proud of our accomplishments and own our successes. – Valerie Whiffen | Microsoft


Though brilliant and mesmerizing in any form, Tanya Geisler–in person and on stage–is a force to be reckoned with. Her presence entices, her words and wisdom transform, and her heart will capture yours. – Ronna Detrick


Tanya has presence. On the stage, and off the stage, Tanya is a powerful speaker that wakes up her audience with wit, wisdom, and insight. She delights, she prods, and ultimately she’ll provoke you into falling in love with you. – Julie Daley


Tanya is a powerhouse of positivity, with an inspiring and infectious attitude. In need of an energy or bravery boost? Tanya will motivate you to confidently push forward to achieve your goals. – Gillian Graham, CEO | Institute of Communication Agencies


Tanya is a dynamic, engaging, powerful speaker who keeps her audience in rapt attention. Her talks are thoughtful, unique and full of both inspiration and practical information the listener can start applying in their everyday life right away. – Tara Sophia Mohr | Tara Mohr


This year’s Gratitude tea was made even more inspiring thanks to an inspirational talk from Tanya. She captivated the audience with her stories of inspiration, anecdotes of gratitude and joy, and of course, humour. After the event, guests spoke of Tanya’s words and genuine kindness, they were grateful for her joy and positive spirit, and were so happy to have spent the afternoon with her! – Catherine Patterson | Gratitude Tea


Witty and wise, when Tanya steps on stage, she radiates authenticity and embraces the audience with inspiration. Her sweet humor and empowering wisdom are simply captivating. She is someone you want to hear from again and again. – Andrea Olson


Confession. I stopped listening to your talk for a moment or two to text my husband: “THIS WOMAN IS BRILLIANT!” Your energy, authenticity and sheer power are incredible. I can’t wait to hear you speak again. – Stephanie C.

Board of Your Life

JenLouden (3).jpg

If you want more – or if you can’t do it alone but know you need to do it – the phenomenal Tanya Geisler has a new genius thing called Board of Your Life that I completely recommend. Seven thumbs up! – Jennifer Louden

TaraGentile (3).jpg

This product is genius. This kit is the difference between, ‘Oh, isn’t that a cool idea?’ and ‘Holy crap. I’m putting that on the calendar & sending out the invites.’ It’s the difference between aspiration and action. It’s the difference between wanting something different and doing something different. It’s a solution where there was none before. – Tara Gentile

LisaChandler (1).jpg

As the first ever to be treated to the magical mix called Board of Your Life; I saw firsthand what a wide network of support I had and that there was a world of possibility before me. That night was the spark that started me on a path to being an entrepreneur and leadership/ business development coach. Whenever there is a “new Oprah”, I am certain Tanya will be invited to share the wisdom of this world class Board of Your Life program! – Lisa Chandler

RandiBuckley (1).jpg

There is little more powerful than being witnessed and held by people you respect and love. While we might get by with a little help from our friends, an intentional and designed alliance catapults us into wildest-dream zone. Board of Your Life gives you the structure to soar. It honors those who’ve got your back while delightfully calling them forth in support of you. It’s both invitation and invocation of hope, community and transformation. Board of Your Life creates the round table of champions for your quest. It is a call to love and an ode to joy. (Much like its creator.) – Randi Buckley



Tanya showed up in a shining, mirrored presence like only she can. She opened my clients eyes in one beautiful brief hour to beliefs that have been holding them back for so long. It was a wonderful experience for me as their leader to see them receive her as a guest teacher and not only enjoy her as a glowing human but really get what she was saying. They’re still referring to her teaching and how it’s shifted their work, life and roles. Tanya and her work was indeed a missing key to the work that I do with my clients and we were all so blessed by having her. – Erin Giles


Press + Media

Have stage. Will Inspire.

Press + Media

Have stage. Will Inspire.

Press + Media

I’m available for interviews, teaching + speaking engagements. Excited, too! Let’s get started. Please direct your publicity inquiries to

(Please note: I do not do solo mailings to my email list.).


Tanya Geisler is a Leadership Coach (CPCC) with a penchant for clarity and an abhorrence of the Impostor Complex. She’s worked with thousands of high-performers combat the Impostor Complex so they can step into the starring roles of their lives and achieve their ultimate goals. She has written The 12 Lies of the Impostor Complex (and One Truth)The Joy Pages, created Board of Your Life and the transformational Step into Your Starring Role coaching program, is a writer, has served as contributor and was featured in Canadian Living, and is an in-demand TEDx speaker who talks with great passion about the Impostor Complex, Unshakeable Confidence, personal leadership, on all things joy, meaning and purpose. Her clients include best-selling authors, public speakers, and rockstar world-changers.

It is her indomitable belief that if everyone knew their own unique recipe for their personal brand of joy, they’d hold the key to shining in their life, in their work and in their life’s work. (It really does change everything.)

Short Bio

Tanya Geisler is a certified Leadership Coach, TEDxWomen speaker, and writer who teaches women and women-identified people, how to step into their Starring Roles, own their authority, and overcome the Impostor Complex with Unshakeable Confidence in their life, in their work, and in their life’s work.

Hot Interview Topics

  • The three things you need for Unshakeable Confidence.

  • Overcoming the Impostor Complex.

  • Stepping into your starring role. It’s time. (And my 6-step process will be your guide.)

  • Your brand of joy. Why you need to know what it is and how to find it.

  • The importance of assembling your cast. Your people want you to succeed. Let them help you.

  • Tenacity, perseverance and doing the work. Unsexy and essential.

  • Owning your authority and taking your place as the leader you are.

  • Comparison’s a killer that you’re ready to quit.

  • Celebration may be the missing link to the success that you desire.

Featured Interviews

Here is a small selection of my favourite interviews (to date) with more being added weekly.

On the Impostor Complex, Owning Your Authority + Stepping into Your Starring Role

On Assembling Your Cast

  • Creative Living w/ Jamie Ridler (audio)

  • Radio Enso w/ Gregory Berg (audio)

  • GlimpseTV w/ Kate Northrup (video)

On Joy, Money + Meaning

Guest Teachings

Connect with Tanya at Tanya GeislerFacebookTwitter, and Instagram.


All headshots by Holly from Roger Mahler Photography