If you’ve got a stage, I’ve got a message.

If you want a powerful speaker and motivator to keynote your conference, light up your audience (delegates or team), propel them to excellence, help them to overcome their Impostor Complex, and step into their starring roles as the LEADERS that they are, then I’m ready. I can weave my content seamlessly into your theme, speaking authentically and passionately about:

  • From Impostor to Authority
  • Beyond Compare
  • Your Brand of Joy
  • The Power of Your People
  • Step into Your Starring Role

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Tanya presents the topic of the Impostor Syndrome with grace, joy, and humor. This webinar resonated with our members because they not only learned they were not alone, but she gave concrete tools on how to deal with the lies this syndrome tells us. The most valuable takeaway for our members is that they left the webinar thinking about how they view themselves and their career successes. She was able to connect, educate and transport the listeners for an hour webinar, and that is truly a success.

Speaking Event:

Tanya brings the topic of the Impostor Complex to female engineers in an engaging, passionate and interactive format. She had great content that was delivered in an easy to follow manner, and her talk was well-attended. Tanya has a wonderful energy to her, and you feel heard in her presence even in a room of 500 people. On a personal level, Tanya is such a joy to work with, and willing to adapt to anything with grace and humor.

– Randi Rosenbluth, M.Ed., Manager of Learning and Development | Society of Women Engineers

Tanya has the perfect mix of business savvy and topic knowledge that makes for a wonderful, effective presenter. Her workshop had an impact beyond the afternoon. She is a great asset and we look forward to working with her again.

- Jennifer Abman Scott, Director of Fund Development | Society of Women Engineers

Tanya Geisler provided not only a compelling presentation on identifying and overcoming the Imposter Syndrome but one that deeply connected with the audience she addressed. She spoke on behalf of my organization to a group of emerging female leaders from around the globe and brought a strong sense of empathy, power, and insight to her presence throughout the engagement. When I explained the unique approach that needed to be taken with the session, she took careful time to listen to what we were looking for and then went above and beyond with her delivery. She was flexible, communicative, and extremely easy to work with. After the session, the leadership for the event provided overwhelmingly positive feedback and it was clear that Tanya had worked some magic in the room. Thank you for your tremendous service and time! 

- Honna Eichler George, Senior Manager of Strategic Partnerships | Society of Women Engineers


Tanya’s “Owning Your Authority” keynote was uplifting, empowering and enlightening – and a message EVERY woman needs to hear. It was refreshing to be told to be proud of our accomplishments and own our successes. – Valerie Whiffen | Microsoft


As a TEDx event organizer, Tanya was a delight to work with both behind the scenes and the impact of her talk on the audience was undeniable. Tanya is a natural. – Lianne Raymond, TEDx Isfeld

Tanya’s genuine warmth, wisdom and love of life made her an inspiration to work with and to observe onstage. From her resourcefulness and flexibility throughout the planning process to her brilliance as a speaker and facilitator, Tanya added immense value to G Day for Girls’ inaugural Toronto event. Tanya’s workshop translated our organization’s core values into a presentation that hit home on an emotional and intellectual level. As the host of a full day program of speakers and workshops, Tanya maintained a space for heartfelt expression, honouring the speakers and engaging the audience with her authentic charisma. – Emily Rose Antflick, G Day Toronto Community Leader

Tanya Geisler is a heartfelt, gifted and brilliant speaker. Filled with warmth, wisdom and amazing insights into what can truly help us all shine brightly, Tanya’s presentation on the Imposter Complex at our Inspiration Day in NYC was beyond incredible. The feedback we have received is that she was ‘life changing’ which has come as no surprise to us in the least! She created a tonne of fan girls in what seemed like a moment. Do whatever you need to do to bring this woman to your stage. She will crack open the hearts of your audience and be the best hiring decision you’ve ever made. She has been mine. – Julie Parker, CEO and Founder, Beautiful You Coaching Academy

Tanya’s role as a G Day Toronto 2015 Presenter (and MC of the Champions-only portion of the day) was pivotal in setting the stage for an entire day’s worth of communication and relationship-building in a group of over 200 adolescent girls and their parents and other caregivers. She engaged us all with her own authentic truth-telling, crafted a powerful framework and series of questions to connect us more deeply with one another, held the space for what ensued, and had us laughing all the while. Work of this calibre is literally priceless: Tanya is truly magnificent. – Madeleine Shaw, G Day Toronto


With her warm radiance and authentic style, Tanya is incredibly skillful at gauging the energy in the room and connecting with the audience in a powerful way. She is an insightful speaker with just the right blend of skill, compassion and charisma. I look forward to having her back next year! – Katia Millar, Founder & Chief Inspirational Officer | Positive Fabulous Women


Though brilliant and mesmerizing in any form, Tanya Geisler–in person and on stage–is a force to be reckoned with. Her presence entices, her words and wisdom transform, and her heart will capture yours. – Ronna Detrick


Tanya has presence. On the stage, and off the stage, Tanya is a powerful speaker that wakes up her audience with wit, wisdom, and insight. She delights, she prods, and ultimately she’ll provoke you into falling in love with you. – Julie Daley

Tanya is a powerhouse of positivity, with an inspiring and infectious attitude. In need of an energy or bravery boost? Tanya will motivate you to confidently push forward to achieve your goals. – Gillian Graham, CEO | Institute of Communication Agencies

Tanya is a dynamic, engaging, powerful speaker who keeps her audience in rapt attention. Her talks are thoughtful, unique and full of both inspiration and practical information the listener can start applying in their everyday life right away. – Tara Sophia Mohr


This year’s Gratitude tea was made even more inspiring thanks to an inspirational talk from Tanya. She captivated the audience with her stories of inspiration, anecdotes of gratitude and joy, and of course, humour. After the event, guests spoke of Tanya’s words and genuine kindness, they were grateful for her joy and positive spirit, and were so happy to have spent the afternoon with her! – Catherine Patterson | Gratitude Tea


Witty and wise, when Tanya steps on stage, she radiates authenticity and embraces the audience with inspiration. Her sweet humor and empowering wisdom are simply captivating. She is someone you want to hear from again and again. – Andrea Olson


Confession. I stopped listening to your talk for a moment or two to text my husband: “THIS WOMAN IS BRILLIANT!” Your energy, authenticity and sheer power are incredible. I can’t wait to hear you speak again. – Stephanie C.

If you're on a mission to inspire and empower your conference audience or your team to excellence and action...I'm ready for you.