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Life’s a grand production. Step into your starring role.



Life’s a grand production. Step into your starring role.

Life is a Grand Production

And when I say that, I do not mean “life is a complex series of trials to endure”.

Instead, I mean that engineering and manifesting your artful, intentional, meaningful and joyous life – yes joyous, it can and must be joyous – can take a long time.

Like half your years on earth.

And that time can be gorgeous, productive and generative. As writer and rambling story-teller Garrison Keilor says, “Nothing bad ever happens to a writer. It’s all material.”

It’s All Material

And that’s not only true for writers, it’s true for all of us. Your life is your art. Everything in your education, history, career and personal life has schooled you, deepened you, prepared you.

Your life, as it is now, has been the preparation – the production – needed to launch your next project. The project where you shine. Project You. Project Life, Well Lived. Project Now.

The project where you step into your starring role and your radiance lights up the world.

Because I know that for you, it isn’t all about you. Your starring role isn’t in The Me-Me-Me Show. Your mission – your life – is nota vanity project. It’s about creating and contributing to a better world by becoming a better person. By stepping into your most glorious, radiant, productive, purposeful self…and by using your life and your gifts to instigate change and instill joy.

For yourself and the world.

Move Into Magnificence

And that’s true for me, too. That’s what I do. That’s what I do for you.

I’m a Leadership Coach and I came to coaching after years and years in an outwardly successful but ultimately unsatisfying career in advertising. I logged the hours, delivered the goods and shook the hands of satisfied clients time and again. I kept waiting for the deep-seated feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction to arrive. They didn’t.

I also suffered, a lot, from a myriad of “not good enough, not smart enough, not ready” beliefs. Any success I enjoyed I chalked up to someone else having made a mistake. I though it was just a matter of time before they found out I was a fake. Turns out, I had been suffering from the Impostor Complex(You too? You’re in exquisite company). I just couldn’t quite get out of the rut.

It took the passing of my mother to get me “unstuck”. After she left, I heard — really heard — her lifelong mantra for the first time.

Don’t Postpone Joy

So I didn’t. I got to work, digging deep, getting clear, getting certified, and giving back.

And embracing joy.

That journey – the journey to embrace joy and live my fullest and most gloriously expansive life, and to empower you to do the same – has lit me up, personally and professionally. I know with radiant certainty what I’m here to do:

  • Bring shine back into your life. Period.

  • Help you overcome the Impostor Complex so that you can Own Your Authority.

  • Inspire BIG CHANGE and empower you to achieve it.

To do that – and help you do that, too – I’ve been studying the Impostor Complex, writing about it and speaking about it (at TEDxWomen). I’ve developed a bustling effective one-on-one coaching practice and transformative programs like Step into Your Starring Role and Board of Your Life.

Coach = Catalyst

What all of this means is that in the grand, artful production that is your life, I play a pivotal role in your cast of supporting characters

…but I’m not your director or even your assistant director. I don’t tell you what to do. I don’t have an agenda for who you’ve got to be or what you’ve got to do or how your marvelous story will unfurl. My investment is in you, your vision and YOUR dreams. In you becoming your best you.

So I’m not your boss (you’re the boss of you!). I’m your coach. I’m the person who supports and encourages and inspires you to the heights to which you aspire. I’m the person who helps you clarify your purpose, gets you going and holds you accountable for realizing your vision. I’m your catalyst.

Because you are the star. This is your show. This is your grand production. This is your life.

Live it up. Light it up. Shine. Star.

Here’s how:

Those are the scripts, prompts and programs I’ve created for you to practice joy, prepare to shine…and launch your grand production.

Life, starring you.

SIYSR sales page banner image 02.jpg



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Have stage. Will Inspire.

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Tanya Geisler is Leadership Coach (CPCC) with a penchant for clarity and an abhorrence of the Impostor Complex. She’s coached hundreds of high-performers combat the Impostor Complex so they can step into the starring roles of their lives and achieve their ultimate goals. She has writte The 12 Lies of the Impostor Complex (and One Truth)The Joy Pages, created Board of Your Life and the transformational Step into Your Starring Role coaching program, is a writer, has served as contributor and was featured in Canadian Living, and is an in-demand TEDx speaker who talks with great passion about the Impostor Complex, personal leadership, on all things joy, meaning and purpose (just try to stop her). Her clients include best-selling authors, public speakers, and rockstar world-changers.

It is her indomitable belief that if everyone knew their own unique recipe for their personal brand of joy, they’d hold the key to shining in their life, in their work and in their life’s work. (It really does change everything.)

Short Bio

Tanya Geisler – certified Life and Business Coach (CPCC), TEDxWomen speaker, and writer – teaches women and women-identified people, how to step into their starring roles, own their authority, and overcome the Impostor Complex in their life, in their work, and in their life’s work.

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