Everywhere you look, here, there, everyone’s talking about the New Year. Word of the year. Scent of the year. Intention of the year. Goals and resolutions.

It’s easy to see why it’s such a fecund topic. It’s (mostly) universally accepted as the time to set our sights on getting “it” right.

Intellectually, we know that there are actually 365 days in a year to get it right, but until we replace “Happy New Year” shouts to the neighbours with “Happy new day to make it all happen in the next 364 days” greetings, we’ve got what we’ve got.

And as though we all hold each other in a set of collective agreements::

  • We agree to put a period on the sentence of the outgoing year (in theory) and a reverential capital letter on the sentence that begins the new year.
  • We agree to release the past (in theory) and to heed the call to chart a new course towards our desires.
  • We agree (in theory) to recalibrate.

What I see most often though, is how our new goals are set in the past.

We call forth new, but draw from another time.

I want to be able run a half marathon like I used to. I want to feel what I used to feel for my partner. I want my work to get the same attention it used to get.

While there is huge value in recognizing the emotions attached to those desires - accomplishment, passion, recognition - the goals themselves have us headed the wrong way.

“Used to” isn’t aspirational. It’s dissonance and “used up”. It’s an old Kleenex. It’s the jeans in the back of the closet for when you hit that ideal weight…only to discover that things have shifted and they no longer fit—no matter what the scale says.

You can’t go back. And that’s good.

You evolve. It’s what you’re doing this very second.

Make sure your goals and desires reflect THIS new way of being, feeling, seeing and loving. That’s where your goals will meet you.

Create from here, now.

With deep roots in the experiences of our past, feet planted firmly on the ground in the present and arms outstretched towards to sky, expanding fully into what’s to come, create.

From here.


Happy new day to make it all happen in the next 364 days.