After 67 years of playing the field in good ol’ Riverdale USA, Archie finally made his choice: that raven-haired vixen Veronica Lodge. Yup...he's asked her to marry him. It's always been a little too crowded at Pop Tate's

Are you surprised?

According to today’s Globe and Mail, 78% of their readers thought he should have picked Betty. 22% thought he made the right choice.

Why did the overwhelming majority vote in favour of Betty Cooper? I mean….she’s just the same drawing as VL but with blonde hair, right?

I think she represents some of the values that we cherish as a society: loyalty, kindness, generosity, wholesomeness. Veronica, on the other hand is rich, spoiled, unfeeling, uncaring and doesn’t use her manners. Boo hiss.

By picking Veronica, Archie is thumbing his nose at those tenets that we SAY we hold dear and embracing those that we find repugnant…but strangely compelling. He’s validating what we want to repress…good girls finish last…even hot ones.

As a good girl who does use her manners, is kind to the elderly and loves to cook, I of course sided with Betty…and if she really wanted to be with Archie, then so be it. Who am I to judge?

This is just “my stuff” but while I did hope that Veronica would end up with that lousy Reggie, I also secretly hoped Betty would run off and find someone far better than that dopey, fickle, tic-tac-toe-headed, jalopy-driving cheapskate. And while I would have loved for her to do so on her own terms, it’s not what life (or the fine people of Archie Comics Inc) had in store for her. But now she can do just that…find her own way without ever looking back and wondering “what if?”

I do so love happy endings.