It’s Beyond Compare launch day for Lauren and I. I’m writing this in that now-familiar swirl of emotions that even my meditation practice couldn’t still. That blend of excitement (huzzah it’s here!) and worry (how will it be received?) and relief (we pushed it out and here it is!) and exhilaration (and it’s GORGEOUS…and robust…and powerful…and RICH!) and in all honesty, exhaustion.

BC-complete-digital-program-standaloneA year and three months. Hundreds of hours on Google Hangouts and hundreds more writing, researching, and editing. Two cross-country flights. Two video shoots (and a photo session). One false start and a name change. At least one astrological reading and subsequent launch date correction (suck it, Merc Retro!)  Two designers, one tech wizard, hundreds of micro decisions (and dozens of macro), six early reviewers, one new MacBook Pro to handle the audio/video edits + uploads, and an incomparable partnership later, Beyond Compare is ready.

Oh how Beyond Compare’s ready.

As much as I’ve been writing here about comparison, I’m realizing that I haven’t been sharing much about what we’ve been researching and creating.

So you can see if YOU’RE ready for Beyond Compare.

Lauren and I have come to understand comparison as a three-dimensional structure. On the one plane, we compare up (looking up to others in a way that “others” us from them) and we compare down (judging and disdaining others in a way that, you guessed it, “others” us from them).

On the other plane, we compare ourselves to others AND we experience others comparing themselves to us. Up or down. Whether we’ve been put on a pedestal or are judged harshly, the impact of “othering” once again endures.

So that’s the framework.

If you allow it to, Beyond Compare will help you to see where comparison:

  • may be stopping you from creating what you want;
  • may be preventing you from activating your calling;
  • may be making you feel (and play) small for fear of projections;
  • may be keeping you from expressing yourself fully; and,
  • may be allowing you to disown your power (and hand it over to others).

(And clearly? Where comparison is keeping you feeling disconnected with all that “othering” going on. Given how much you value connection, I know this really stings.)

But most importantly, the program offers new ways of being with comparison. Kinder, more aligned ways that serve you, your calling, and others exquisitely well.

In fact, our Beyond Compare motto is:

Kindness – to self, and to others – begets perspective, focus, and a stronger core.


What would you consume with joy if you were relieved of comparison and left with appreciation and inspiration?

What would be available if you could transform hero-worship into celebration?

How would it feel to be able to transform disdain into a practice of conscious critique instead?

What would you create if you were free from comparison?

THAT’S why we created Beyond Compare.

Because we can taste that freedom. And we want it for you. You too?