At the end of November, I hosted my first ever (of oh-so-many) Step into Your Starring Role one-day retreats.

The day was magical. So, so magical.

And it wasn't made magical simply because of the 25 brilliant lights who showed up from near and far. From across the country, and from across the city. From North Carolina and from north Toronto.

Who booked off clients, organized sitters, arranged hotels, fixed flat tires in the wee hours of the morning, and MADE IT HAPPEN.

Who showed up for themselves and then discovered they were showing up for each other.

No. It wasn’t made magical simply because each of those 25 gorgeous participants dug deep. Really deep.

I mean, it was. But, unbelievably, that wasn’t all.

It wasn’t made magical simply because I had the most incredibly thoughtful and prescient Architect of Sanctuary as my right-hand woman that day and the weeks leading up to the event. Who drove in from five hours away to hold the space and tend to the exquisite details of venue excellence and sumptuous catered food and otherworldly flowers and loot bags. And it wasn’t made magical simply because of the prosecco celebration. And it wasn’t made magical simply because the video crew was unparalleled.

I mean, it was. But, unbelievably, that wasn’t all.

Some day - and that day is not today - I will tell you exactly what went on behind the scenes for me personally. Some day - and that day is not today - I will tell you exactly what was going on inside of my heart.

But I will say - today that I had vast fears that I would notbe able to attend my own event.

For once, this wasn’t coming from the Impostor Complex having a go at my capacity, capabilities, nor my readiness. No. It was coming from the fact that I spent the day before the event in the emergency room with someone I adore who is dealing with some pretty heavy stuff. Things were feeling pretty grim.

Day by day, as they say.

But this isn’t about that. Some day. But not today.

This is about how the magic happened THAT day.

It began, as all great stories of magic do, with a "yes."

I finally said "yes" to the whispers I’ve been ignoring for years about creating and teaching my own event.

And when I said yes, I knew I’d need support. So I reached out to Tania. And she said yes.

And then I opened the EventBrite page and made the offer in one single Facebook post and THEY said yes. In under 24 hours we were filled to capacity.

To be sure, there were plenty of times that I had doubts about my capacity, my capability, and my readiness, but when those unwelcome thoughts crept in, I drank deeply from the chalice of advice I asked Elan Morgan to pour me in advance of my TEDx Women talk years ago. She generously complied and my cup has continued to overflow with the goodness ever since. And so, I offer you her words.

  1. Everyone in the audience is rooting for you and they already believe in you.
  2. Pretend you are telling your favourite client this stuff.
  3. You’re the one in the know on this topic.
  4. Wear comfortable shoes. Brené Brown wisely wears Danskos.
  5. You will be excellent.
  6. You can totally rock this. It’s terrifying as all hell, but so is all the great stuff we do in life. It’s a sign of exhilaration.

Yes. Of course she was right. (Though I never ever heed her wise fourth point.)

And when I was tired and cold and in doubt of Elan’s third point and wanted to over-prepare to the point of exhaustion, I would wrap myself in the swaths of wisdom I asked of Julie Daley who heartily and fully offered me this:

  1. Leave space in the room.
  2. You are simply the vehicle for the intelligence in the room.
  3. Feel for the ripeness and use the emergent.

Yes. Of course SHE was also right.

So, so, so right.


And while I had some lingering worry that I wouldn’t be present that day, with so much concern for the health of my loved one, I did it.

I WAS present. I rose up. I made space. I WAS space.

In the words of the 25 gorgeous souls who attended, the day was indeed “magical”. AND ALSO?

“motivating, epic, intense, uplifting, relief, mind-blasting, safe, healing, inspiring, connected, grounding, essential, revealing, transformational, unforgettable, love-filled”

SIYSR One dar retreat

(All photos: Marius Masalar)

Yes, I did that. We all did that.

And you will too.

When you are on the precipice of meeting your own desires and finally heeding the whispers of your soul, may I remind you to:

  1. Surround yourself with the best.
  2. Ask for what you need.
  3. Show up for you, for your work, for your soul. For them.
  4. Be assured that your love and deep desire for light creates the space for the magic.
  5. Pursue impeccability, but remain untethered to it. No perfection guaranteed, no perfection required.
  6. Do your work. As you do best. Teach. Sing. Lead. Coach. Write. Do it. DO IT.

And when you do, you will be excellent. And you will rewarded with the knowledge that you rose UP.

And you will know that magic happened.