Hello there, Sunshine! Did I manage to reel you in with promises of misery or Disney? Ahh, you’ll get both. Read on. So, it seems the thing to do when a blogger’s not been blogging is to do a round-up of what’s been up. So I give you the short list:

Where I’ve been Writing Coaching Disney World (this is not a metaphor) Writing Coaching Writing Coaching Eating Easter chocolates Hitting the gym Coaching Writing Coaching

Titillating, non?

Disney, coaching, chocolates, and gym are all wonderful. And the writing, you ask? Ahhhh….the WRITING. My Board of Your Life product (that I bragged on-camera was coming along swimmingly…FAIL), and another, yet-to-be-revealed product (while I do fail often, I also learn quickly) are in “progress”. Swimmingly is ONE way of describing the process. At times it’s a great, chest-stretching, leg-strengthening, don’t-I-look-hot-in-this-JCrew-swimsuit feeling. Other times, MOST times, it’s salt-water-sucking-into-lungs-and-if-I-stop-I-will-drown agony. And I want to throw in the towel. Often.

Turns out, I am not special. Turns out, according to Steven Pressfield, I am merely in

The   Belly  of  The   Beast.

See, I’ve also been reading Pressfield’s manifesto: “Do the Work” (and I mean re-reading it because it takes, like, 50 minutes to cover it on the elliptical machine…this I know).

It’s like Pressfield hands you this field journal (and presumably a stiff shot of scotch) and says: “Kid, Resistance wants to kick your ass. Resistance wants to eat you alive. You will beat Resistance by doing the work. Do the damned work. Capiche?”

The work, of course, is different for everyone. It’s opening a restaurant, launching a product (ahem), mending a relationship, quitting smoking, running ultra-marathons across the Sahara, writing a dissertation, building the shelter. It’s all work of the heart. In Pressfield’s words: “any act that rejects immediate gratification in favor of long-term growth, health or integrity”.

Since my first go at the book, I’ve recommended it to every one of my clients in our sessions. Every one.  Testosterone-y language? Oh yes. Inspiring? Mmm hmm. Motivating? You bet your sweet bippy.

So I am doing the work. I am doing the writing. I still am not in love with ALL that I’m writing, but am far less concerned about how my butt looks in this swimsuit. I will finish this swim. It’s my swim to own. There is no other way.

As I learn about my miserable relationship with the Resistance, I shift and grow how I work. In service of my work. And my hope, is that it is also in service of you and yours.

And speaking of misery and service, a client reminded me of these words by T.D. Jakes today:

“I tell you now that your ministry is where your misery has been. That same spot that made you cry and moan is where you can bring honor and healing to those who are touched with the same pain. This is the spot where your compassion will skyrocket, and you can help the next generation of victims to get out of their beds and walk.

So here’s what I invite you to do: Know your misery. Get intimate with it. Be in the mess of it. Live with the indecision. Go deeper into it. Talk about it until you can no longer stand it.  Then get up and be in service of those you seek to heal.

Heal thyself, then go heal the world, baby.

{And by the way? Your ministry is ALSO where your joy has been. Ooooooh yes it is. Where has your joy been? And for more on this less miserable topic, be sure to download my book of love “The Joy Pages” over there on the right}