I try. I really, really do try. To get it right. To be present. To be aware. To be grateful. To say thanks and give thanks. I write about how I’d like to binge less with life’s gooooooooood things and find a more moderate way. Sometimes I get it right, and other times...well, less so.

Although this post may well be precipitated by my American friends’ Thanksgiving (hellooooo!!!!) it’s a regular old Friday here in Toronto. In an otherwise ordinary day what better time to recap what’s going right?

Here’s what brought me joy this week:

Monday morning - Huge heart to heart hug with my Lisa before she headed back home to Montreal after a memorable weekend-long visit.

Monday afternoon - Meeting with new mentee (excited about her vision) and breakthrough with a client (shifts ahoy!)

Monday evening - Deep belly laughs at the launch party of 85 Broads Toronto, led by laughologist Albert Nerenberg (thinking of hosting a laughter party…who wants in?)

Tuesday morning - This image of my daughter’s arranged stuffies. Place of honour goes to Skippy, the beloved stuffed dog from my mother’s childhood, revered by my daughter as a sort of connection to a grandmother she never really knew. Doesn’t he look safe and loved?

Tuesday afternoon - Completion session with a client I adore that is ready to embark on something new and glorious. Sad AND joyful at the same time.

Wednesday - Three new people coming to Clarity Hour (every Wednesday at 12 EST, I coach three people for free on any business life issue) I love the expansiveness of it. And never really knowing who’ll show up AND not being attached to outcome.

Wednesday afternoon - Watching my daughter at gymnastics. I know those legs will be long, lean and strong soon, and for the moment, it brings me joy to know that there is still some baby fat there…she’s not done being 6 and a half after all.

Wednesday evening - Wine with husband over pasta he made, and many, MANY laughs (though NOT over after-dinner “Santa Buddies”…that was more like eye-rolling. Seriously, George Wendt…how COULD you?)

Thursday morning - Volunteering in my daughter’s classroom then meeting Jamie for a cozy coffee, scones and good, goooooooood talks. Time with her makes me feel like this scone looks.

Thursday evening - Speaking at Fabulous Katia’s Fabulous event and helping some amazing women find a way to evoke meaningful conversations leading to meaningful connections. It was a luscious experience.

Today - This and that.

A week of connection, laughter, hugs and food. Yup, that pretty much sums up how I like to roll. Add to the above 5 trips to the gym, 7 other coaching sessions, lots of writing done and 2011 planning well underway and that makes for one pretty incredible ordinary week.

Easy to forget all of this when you’re mired in kids’ fevers, the knowledge that the snow tires need to get changed, billing mistakes, dishwashers to be fixed, and more balls to be juggled. And you know what? It’s easy to remember too.

So here it is: I am privileged beyond words and profoundly grateful for every gift. For everything stated above, and well beyond. For the peace we enjoy, the food, the warmth, the shelter, the education and the opportunities.

And for you. Thank you. For caring. For reading. For being here. And for being you.