We're coming up on February 1st, so I thought I’d reflect on my Jan 1st resolve.

Another New Year’s Eve came and went. So too, has the annual dump on the idea of resolutions. We’ve all grumbled about unrealistic expectations of ourselves for the year to come that will be long forgotten by Jan 17th. But really, is it so very wrong to will out the old, and will in the new? And if not on January 1st, then when?

This year, my husband and I did our annual quiet reflection of the previous year and forward-thinking for the next, in part aided by Lululemon’s goal-setting program. I say “in part” as this 1 and 5 year approach to the health, career and personal realms of our lives has been the focus of my husband’s and my quarterly assessment of our own goal-tending for a number of years now (though the 10 year plan is new). I love that the program has you discerning your own values and doing some blue-sky thinking…both are exercises that I am well-versed in as they are cornerstones of the Board of Your Life program. Critical first steps in revealing underlying potential for great peace (or happiness…whichever speaks to your personal objectives).

So I am clear about my 1, 5 and 10 year goals…and have the plans in place. But step 3? To check in every day that I’m staying the course…in health, business, relationships and spirituality. It reminds me of the simple yogic principle about each breath being a new chance to get the next one right.

So far so good.