Given the choice between snorkeling in a warm and shallow coral reef or deep sea diving in the cold recesses of the ocean floor, I would pick the former. Given the choice between Clueless and Glengarry Glen Ross I would pick (and have picked) Clueless.

Breathtaking stunning mandarinfish over frightfully grotesque anglerfish. Shoe jubilation over real estate desperation.

I choose bright, warm, playful and accessible most of the time.

But not every time. Of course not every time. There are times when going deeper is, quite simply, the only reasonable way forward.  Not only is deep where fascination resides, but it is the birthplace of real understanding. Where true, lasting and sustainable change becomes not just possible, but certain. It's not always easy...but it's ever so worth it. 

Committing to going deep is an act of devotion

Commit to deeper care: of your body, your relationships and the temple that is your home.

Commit to deeper gratitude: of you’ve been given. Breathe in the feeling beneath the words you write in your journal as a daily(ish) practice. Reaaally breathe them in. Feel them in your bones. Feel fortune of the life lottery you’ve won. Because, yeah, we’ve won the life lottery.

Commit to deeper compassion: for the struggles of others.

Commit to deeper understanding: for your life’s exploration. What do you really, really, REALLY want? What are you yearning for? What still needs to be healed? What beliefs needs to be released? What do you keep avoiding? Yup...all of that. 

Go deep, with the knowledge that you WILL find your way back up to the light. Illuminated from the inside.

And if you are one who resides solely in the deep cool waters, treat yourself from time to time to play in the dappled light of the warm coral reef’s shallows, flitting with the clownfish and tickling the anemone.

Wide is wonderful. Deep is delicious.

It is this AND that. I am this AND that. You are too.

With love that is miles wide and fathoms deep,