A dear friend and I were working out at the gym earlier this week, talking about husbands, children, belly fat and joy (not in that precise order). She mentioned that she had just read somewhere that happy people become successful, whereas unhappy people rarely do. It was 6 am and neither of us were in the mood to debate how scientifically-significant that statement was. Intuitively, I know this to have some truth, so I nodded knowingly.

She turned to me and asked, "but, how does one BECOME happy"? I thought about this a moment, my coach-like spidey senses abuzz with the opportunity to ask her about her beliefs. Which I shut down and replied:

I think it starts with gratitude.

Deceptively simple.

And so, we went on our merry, separate ways. I proceeded to be annoyed about some of the days downs (working around a child who's been home sick for days), and grateful for the ups (new client, offer of speaking gig, child's fever broken) .

It's the other basic, yet massive things that I forget to be grateful for.

My reminder today came from another dear friend's Facebook update. Cath is a reporter for the Toronto Star and has been doing incredible things and covering incredible stories in Haiti.

On the anniversary of the quake that devasted the country, she wrote these words:

Big, terrible day in Haiti. Voices of survivors singing hymns still wafts into my window. Be grateful for your families, jobs, homes and friends.

Yes. Indeed.