About two years ago, I went into a pet shop to grab cat litter and heard a cricket chirping away. Without giving it too much thought, I made up the story that the little critter snuck his way in via a bag of feed and was holed up in the ceiling rafters, singing his song ‘til his death.

(I also imagined that the cashier couldn’t wait for it to die. It’s a sound that would most certainly get annoying anywhere but in a garden on a summer’s evening with a chilled glass of sangria.)

Every time I’ve passed the pet shop since, a vision of a little cricket carcass up in the ceiling tiles has flashed before my eyes.

And then this silent question:

Did I REALLY hear that cricket?

And then this narrative:

Huh. Maybe I didn’t. Maybe I imagined it, or it was part of one of those waking dreams. Odd, but not the oddest one I’ve had. I mean, it was the dead of winter. How impossible that a cricket would find it’s way into a store and survive in the rafters for like, three months? Unlikely, to be sure.

Every.single.time. And I pass that pet shop a LOT.

Passed it again yesterday.

And saw this.


Aha. I finally have my answer.

I’ve spent the last two years passing that sign, not actually SEEING it and continuing to give time and space to that nonsensical narrative. 

Sometimes we doubt what we know to be true. And we even ignore the signs that are right there.

Stop doing that. (I will too.)

Or more helpfully:

Pay attention to the divine winks that remind you what you already know, even when you’ve chosen to forget.(Tweet this)

Hold space for the possibility that you were right all along. Chances are, you were.


Okay. Now.

Maybe you think you’re hearing metaphorical crickets in your business. (See how I did that?)

No one seems to be showing up.

I’m not going to lie...You might well be.

But that doesn’t mean that your offering is wrong.

Or that your marketing it wrong.

Or that anything is wrong.

Take the time in the relative silence and root back into the why of your offering. Back to when you loved it and trusted it and it loved and trusted you. Pay attention to those divine winks who’ll lead you home. Back to that loving feeling.

In that feeling lies the truth.

And from there, show up.

And they will too.

(No more crickets…except, apparently at the pet food store.)