At a young age, we are told to hope for the best and expect the worst. The intent is to help insulate us from the sting of assured defeat. I get it. I just don’t like it. The logic is faulty and skewed.

You can expect the best AND the worst. Any way you slice it, there will be learnings, and there will be growth. Some things you can plan for and others you simply can't.

Expecting the best: How do you want to feel?

How do you want to be when the launch, the presentation, the event, the pitch is over?  When the curtain's called (and it will be soon enough…too soon, in fact), what’s your ideal way to feel?

I suspect you want it all to go smoothly, to be sure, but I reckon you’re also deepening into the qualities of accomplishment, pleasure, and recognition that you desire for the outcome, right?

Expecting the worst: What if the worst DOES happen?

Oh yes. Technology can fail. SNAFUs can abound. Dogs can eat homework.

The reality is this:

There will be times when the mic doesn’t work. Speak louder. {Your people will quiet down to hear your words.}

There will be times when the clients can't make it to the party. Invite your nearest and dearest and feast on the dip. {You’ve been needing this time together.}

There will be times when the conference call lines fail. You'll figure out the workaround. {Your capacity for resourcefulness knows no bounds.}

There will be times when the clients dry up. Use this space to get clear about who you deeply desire to work with. {You know it’s time.}

There will be days when the phone simply won’t ring. In this quiet place, create. {You’ve been craving time to write.}

There will be times when you miss the plane. Use the time to count your blessings. {There are many.}

There are times when it will be hard.  Don’t give up. {Don’t you dare ever give up.}

There will be times when the CD player skips. Keep dancing. {They will sing for you.}

Here’s the proof as evinced by two of my favourite little girls. (Warning: you may want to turn the volume down…this shaky-handed Mama was giggly as she butchered Taio Cruz...and apparently mispronounces "dynOmite".)

When it was all over, these two little marvels ended up feeling exactly as they wanted to: like the Super Stars they are.

Keep showing up. Like only you can. When you do, the world will reward you with song. Warbly song, perhaps. But song just the same.