Happy Love+Joy+Clarity Day, y’all! “What, huh?”

Well, maybe you’ve noticed all the red hearts and cards floating around today. "LOVE"! Chocolatey, spicy, colourful and kissy. Whether you’re in love or not, it’s hard not to appreciate a dazzle of hot pink in an otherwise drab and gray month.

So, Valentine's Day = the LOVE piece.

That leads me to “JOY” (love has that effect on me). Am beyond thrilled to introduce the little eBook that’s been in my heart: The Joy Pages. Inspired by my Mom’s beautiful mantra “don’t postpone joy”, my hope is that it inspires the same in you. Go ahead and get yours by subscribing over there in the pretty right hand column. (Don’t you dig the branches spilling out where they have no business spilling out? As Carrie said when she designed it: “I love the idea of joy that will not be bound by sidebar delineations.” What a fabulous metaphor). Please take some time with the exercises, enjoy it and spread it around. With huge thanks.

And finally: CLARITY. I A-D-O-R-E clarity. For me, clarity is the birthplace of genius. Oh, it’s elusive all right. It taunts, it teases, it dances just out of reach. And yet. YET. It’s there…ours for the taking. So let’s get you some, shall we?

My Clarity sessions are 75 minutes of mojo-revving, heart-stopping goodness. We. Get. You. Clear. On the thing that wants answers. On the decision that wants to be made. On the business that wants to be born. On the relationship that wants to be released. Clarity. Forget about crystals. We’re talking about diamonds here.

NORMALLY this session is a steal at $200. Today’s the day you PAY-WHAT-YOU-CHOOSE. (I also A-D-O-R-E choice). So, this February 14, email me your reasonable offer and a few words about the “issue” that is begging for clarity. I’ll fall in love with you and then will send you a link to my calendar and some hellaciously juicy questions and away we go. Conceiving clarity together.

If it's not for you, please invite someone you love to take me up on this offer. (They'll need to act fast...I have a limited number of spots available.)

Happy Love+Joy+Clarity Day.  I know I, for one, am happy.