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40 years ago today, Paul Henderson scored “the goal of the century”, CityTV opened its doors and I was born.

To most Canadians, the first event was pretty noteworthy. It was the final game of the Canada-Soviet Union Summit Series at the height of the Cold War. It was a scrappy fight for both hockey supremacy AND (ahem) democracy. So, you know, a ginormous international peeing match.

So, on September 28 1972, the patients and staff of a hospital in Toronto, like pretty much everyone across the nation, were fixed to the tube, watching the puck careen across the ice in fuzzy black and white.

My mother had taken the pain-relieving meds on offer in the 70’s (good ‘n heavy ones, so I’m told), and was oblivious to the scene beyond her labour experience.

Upon delivering me with success (YAY!), she was wheeled back to her room. It was in that moment that Paul Henderson made THE GOAL. The hospital exploded with cheers and hoots and celebration.

My mother, holding my swaddled self to her chest, looked up beatifically to my father and said, in her elegant but wonder-filled way: how marvelous, but really, she’s just a baby.

God, I love that story.

I love the vision of my stunning Mama, in her own world, bathed in love and in the belief that the world was cheering her (and me) on.

Maybe they were.

I also love my Board of Your Life program. The Board of Your Life Kit feels exactly like that: like there’s a whole hospital cheering for you.

Because you know what? Your people WANT to gather around and help you see how gorgeously you’re showing up in your life. To help you see and realize your ambitions and aspirations.

And so I want you to have the Board of Your Life Kit. At whatever price you choose. At whatever price feels good for your heart and your wallet.

Your people ARE cheering for you.

I’m cheering for you.

We’re cheering for you.



Here’s what to do:

Sale is over

1)      Press that there BUY NOW button. That will lead you to the checkout where the price field is editable. The price will say $150…change it to whatever makes your heart and wallet smile. Click update cart. You’ll then finish payment via PayPal.

2)      I am open to offers. If you want to pay some now and some later, grand. Email and let her (and me) know your intentions.

3)      If you aren’t set up for PayPal, or would rather pay by cheque/email transfer, that’s equally grand. Again, let Beth know and she’ll make sure that you are set up.

The finer print:

1)      This offer is only for the Board of Your Life KIT and not for my coaching OR for my facilitation of your Board of Your Life experience.

2)      The Board of Your Life kit retails for $150 CDN. A lot of energy went into creating it and an inordinate amount of thought went into pricing it…please calibrate your offer accordingly. Karma is always in effect.

3)      Please, please, please be patient with Beth and I. If you reach out to us with an offer, we will get back to you as soon as we are able.

4)      If you own the kit already and want to buy a copy for a friend at the pay-what-you-choose rate, do let us know so we can send it on your behalf (you sweet, gorgeous, generous thing, you).

5)      The offer expires at midnight Sept 28th. Period. In fact, the kit is going on hiatus as of September 29th. Get it now, loves.

Want to know more about Board of Your Life? Click here.

With champers + cupcakes,


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