Yesterday was a glorious autumn day here in Toronto. Unseasonably warm, yet with a shimmer of coolness. Brilliant foliage against the backdrop of a dazzling blue sky. I left my husband and daughter down at the beach to collect rocks while I went off on a run. I inserted my earbuds, selected my run mix then hunkered down intent on making good time.

I started to notice the leaves dance around my feet, and realized that I was missing their satisfying crunching sound, so I turned off the iPod.  I became entranced by the leaves' dance...there was purpose and abandon. Then I started to notice the  butterflies shyly darting before me, twirling to their own rhythm. I noticed the  volleyball players to my left had their own beat: volley, set, spike while the waves kept their own time as did my own feet. Dogs, children, birds...all with something to sing.

Music, everywhere. Disjointed and messy and exquisitely gorgeous. Everyone a musician, revelling in their beat. Each piece, equally significant in its insignificance.

It reminded me that we are perpetually in process. A hot, chaotic, cacophony that resolves into just need to step back to fully appreciate it.

This performance by Bon Iver on Jimmy Fallon articulates this far better than any words I have. (Be patient with the 30 second advertisement...this is worth the wait). Especially around 3:41. Promise.


Our lives feel like these epochs, but really we are dust in the wind. But I think there’s a significance in that insignificance.

- Justin Vernon (Bon Iver)