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Loving my Life like it’s Golden

When we were young, just out of university, my now-husband worked for Harlequin Entreprises, (and the endured the requisite Fabio jokes - being a blonde hunka-hunka himself). He was well-immersed in a culture of chocolates and roses and cards. So, no matter how poor we were, I never did too badly in the tokens-of-love department on February 14th. And though I would (of course) appreciate the sweetness of the intention, there was always a “should” quality to the day that never quite sat right with either of us. Besides, it was always the evening that capped the day that was the highlight. What I had appreciated as a child was the quiet contemplation of love + gratitude that Valentines’ Day afforded. Devoted time to consider how I felt about my wee friends as I would write out their wee valentines. Some hurried years, I’d fill out bought cards from the pharmacy, labouriously deliberating over which pun would be most appreciated by which classmate. Other, more relaxed years, my Mama and I would handcraft the cards, gluing hearts, ribbons and sprinkles onto doilies. I would give a great deal of thought about the choice between “to/dear” and “from/love” for each recipient. Nuance matters.

As the “shouldness” of the day became too…much, and we’ve abandoned the tokens-of-love checklist, we’ve continued the tradition of slowing down and spending the evening together (sometimes alone, sometimes with our kid for a family date night). And I’ve tried to uphold that practice contemplating love + gratitude.

Here’s a round-up of where I’ve been working and what I’ve been loving since the beginning of 2013. The two seem blessedly and inextricably linked.

Loving in my work

This year started with surges of goodness for a number of clients. I can’t reveal much, but there has been a launch,  new product streams mapped out, a dreamy house purchase and some other shifts that have been wanting to happen for some time. Thrilling to bear witness to.

Golden Ticket

Oh. My. Word. This 12 week Golden Ticket program that Michelle Ward and I co-created was beyond my grandest expectations. We got to work with an incredible group of women entrepreneurs and helped them gain clarity in their audience, message and offerings and then rolled all that goodness into a day of shooting their “about me” videos in NYC last week.

It was simply outstanding.

Michelle did a fabulous job recapping the program and video shoot here and some of the Golden Goddesses shared their perspectives here, here, and here. I am still swimming in the delight of the sparkly, bubbly, golden glow that was the whole experience. And yeah, there was champagne. To say that I am looking forward to witnessing this group of women soar to new heights in their businesses is a gross understatement.

The Golden Goddesses (cred: Kylie Bellard)

Also an understatement:: to say we cannot wait to run the program all over again. (Sign up for early notice here).

Step into Your Starring Role:: The Dress Rehearsal

An amazing group of women have joined me for the 6 week Step into Your Starring Role:: The Dress Rehearsal. It’s for people who are done with play-acting, practicing, rehearsing, being an understudy in their roles and are deeply wanting to fully step into it. To own it. To own the (metaphorical…or not) stage.

We’re just about to get this baby off the ground (first call is March 1st), and man oh man, we are going to SOAR.

Annnnnd due to a glitchy issue, there is ONE spot left in the Dress Rehearsal. Is it yours to claim?

Board of Your Life

Board of Your Life is not for everyone. That much I’ve always known. With its blend of coaching and brainstorming, it’s unique, propulsive, seriously powerful and transformative. It’s big. Really big. And for some? Too big. So I’ve been looking for an alternate version that brings a different energy with it. Cut to Christine Francoeur:: a gifted coach and wondrously generous woman who went through the program last year. We’re working together on a crafting a new iteration that is going to change the way we champion, support and bolster one another in our circles of friendship. Hoooo boy, is it gonna be good. (Keep your eyes open in May 2013).

Loving in the work of others

I am well-surrounded by inspiration. We all are. And today, I’m appreciating the groundswell of commitment created by Eve Ensler around One Billion Rising…I can almost feel the earth moving with dance. (I’ve pledged…you?)

I also love witnessing people happily ensconced projects that really and truly speak to their wealth of natural abilities, loves and desires (aff link),  or cravings.  Also, The Body Stories is making me happy today. It’s a gorgeous compilation by Sas that I am thrilled to have contributed to. I’m also enjoying the mission behind Harvesting Happiness Radio and was thrilled to be their guest. Lisa and I talked about love, happiness and impostor complex…listen here.

Loving in my life

You know I love me lots of things. And so far in 2013, I’m really appreciating:: a refreshed office with spaaaaaaaaace. Finding my ski legs again after 15 (16?) years. The fact that I have neither lost my new Lamy fountain pen nor have killed my magenta orchid. One successful surgery (and recovery) in my family. Making homemade pasta with my man. The tender beginnings of my new 4(-ish) am practice of yoga followed by writing. And always, always love.

Thank you for sitting at my table with me as I wrote out these valentines.

I would love, love, LOVE to hear from you. What are you appreciating, enjoying and loving?




Beautiful Feathers

As a young girl, my appetite for princess stories was voracious. The singing, the woodland creatures, the ball gowns, the conquering of evil, the comeuppance, and, of course, the happily ever after. But before any happily-ever-after could be requited, the narrative arc needed to be crested, and the villain’s main motive was always the same: jealousy. The evil stepmother. The ugly stepsisters. Ursula. Maleficent. The Queen. Each woman more jealous than the last. Covetous of our heroine’s unparalleled beauty, kindness, capacity to love and be loved, resilience and charm, they were cruel and vicious towards her.

When I was teased in grade school, my beloved Mama would soothe my brow with assurances that those other girls were “just jealous.” In my mother’s eye, I was that princess of unparalleled beauty, kindness, capacity to love and be loved, resilience and charm. “Stay away from them” was the directive. And a subtle distrust of other girls was born.

It ebbed and flowed over the years, to be sure. True and enduring 2 am call friendships would become forged that weren’t fraught with jealousy and tension. But a deep-rooted belief existed that somewhere lurked a woman (women?), jealous of me and my gifts who wanted nothing more than to peck my eyes out with her talons.

“Staying away” came to mean:

Keep your head down. Don’t shine too brightly (you may become a target). Don’t ask for help (scavengers will feast on your weakness).

Over time, this got pretty stale. As I started to become awake to my purpose on this sweet orb called earth, I knew there was another way. In fact, MANY other ways, and none that required me to keep to my small, safe and quiet path.

If I was to fully step into my purpose (and don’t say “no” to your purpose), there was no way I’d be able to hold it alone.

I would need to trust in others. I would need to ask for help. I would need to shine brighter.

So I did.

And who showed up? Not a single vicious predator, but rather flocks and flocks of beautiful soul sisters. Mentors. Colleagues. More 2 am friends. Co-working partners. Genius collaborators.

And the more I showed up, the more they showed up.

Parliaments of owls, wise and insightful. Exaltations of larks, cheerful and self-aware. Convocations of eagles, spiritual and courageous. Bouquets of pheasants, noble and refined. Charms of magpies, creative and expressive.

Ah. Yes. This is the way for me.

In these flocks, I have found divine inspiration, guidance and solace. In these flocks, we gather and preen each others’ beautiful feathers. To the observer, this may seem an act of vanity. In fact, in this act of preening, we are bonding, insulating each other, helping one another to fly more efficiently, keeping each other healthier AND more beautiful. And once our feathers are neatly ordered and in place, we are ready to fly…often in formation to help conserve energy for maximum velocity.


It is my later-in-life belief that we need each other to love, to hold, to cherish, to champion, to challenge, to connect and to conspire.

Lean in.

  • Dare to ask for help. It makes you neither needy nor dilutes your value of independence.
  • Dare to see the brilliance in another’s feathers. Allow them to reflect back the brilliance of yours.
  • Know that your success inspires their success. Your wins make their wins possible.

I intend to send this post to the women in my life who have taken my 2 am call. Have sent “what do you need” texts. Have listened with their full heart. Have held space for my fears and tears. Have helped me in my business with their promotional power. Have seen the beauty in my feathers and have preened them with me.

I will say to them, as I say to you:

Thank you for being in my flock. For having me here. For being here.

Will you do the same?