We’ve had some, shall we say, umm, technical glitches around the site for the past couple of weeks. It’s been frustrating, maddening, defeating, and at times hilarious (like, when I’m underslept and marginally hysterical). Just when we think we’re in the clear, something else comes up. It’s been one cluster-whoops after another. (Hat tip to Kenneth Parcell for that one. Also trying to fold in “fuzzy bunnies” from Jamie to my non-sweary swear repertoire). Today, Mercury is in retrograde. I’ve actually taken precautions. {For real.} Annnnd in spite of said precautions, inexplicably, the planets have decreed that I not receive email on my general inquiry account. So THAT’S, you know, great for business. My VA and Web Wonder Woman are all over it, people have been resourceful enough to contact me via Twitter + FB and in the meantime, I have choices.

Take stock of what I have YET to do, or take stock of what I HAVE done.

Today, I choose the latter. While Mercury whoops it up with his trickery, I decided to round-up where I’ve been writing, posting, chatting when I haven’t been here, or coaching, or producing the oh-so-soon-to-be-released Board of Your Life program.

I’ve been re-listening and re-reading. Reflecting on every love-filled request. Appreciating the airtime. Relishing the deliciousness of being invited into the on-line spaces of some of the brightest lights I know.

I hope you track these dropped crumbs—I know you’ll appreciate the powerful work these people are doing just as I do.


I’ve been showing up regularly at The Jungle of Life to talk about new beginnings, focus, change, giving, consumption, and love.

Sara Blackthorne invoked the Warrior Woman in me to talk about my path and support along the way. A favourite topic of mine.

Tamarisk Saunder-Davies and I riffed on being a connection catalyst. (How hot is that?)

It was an honour to be part of in the autumn tribe of Roots of She. In fact, it was magical.

I was interviewed by the luminous Hannah Marcotti for the Women We Admire issue of Wild Sister Magazine. We talked about ritual. Sumptuous.

C.A. Kobu invited me to speak to her people about Strengths in her truly delightful A Year With Myself Project. (And she’s super-generously giving away the whole module as a Valentine’s Day prezzie!)

Amanda Fall published my “I See You” post in the Bold Issue of Sprout Magazine.

Kate Swoboda invited me to share what I think I know about courage.

Video + Audio

Amy Kessel and I talked about the glory and the messiness and the grace of unfurling. And our grandmothers. Both bodacious women in leisure suits named Mildred. Awesome.

Ronna Detrick invited me to her pulpit to talk sanctuary, silence and faith as journey. Click here to listen in.

Amanda Farough and I spoke about clarity in your business (and warning, things got a bit, okay a LOT, sweary…hence the aforementioned search of non-swear swears).

David Cohen invited me on to his show to talk about putting a bit of love back into your business.

With all this rounding up and re-listening, it was timely that Abby Kerr went in and read my writing voice, like a Super Star Seer. It’s part of her Illuminating Voices series. I am touched and humbled by what she shared. She also read the voice of Tara Gentile, Rachel Cole, Bridget Pilloud, Emma Alvarez Gibson, Alexandra Franzen, Erin Miles, Yvonne Bynoe (In Part 1, Abby reveals what she hears in Chris Guillebeau, Marie Forleo, Justine Musk, Laura Roeder, Havi Brooks, Charlie Gilkey. Some pretty stellar writers…)

So, that’s where I’ve been. Feeling honoured and suddenly far more prolific.  Grace be to Mercury for the time to pause, reflect and savour.

Will you put down your To-Do list and create a Done list?