Like every other project in my life, I started writing the Board of Your Life Kit con mucho gusto.  I shouted from the rooftops. I whooped it up and got bizay. I came up for air to revel in my progress. It was easy, to start. After all, this is the program that I developed in 2008. I'm damned well masterful.

Annnd...90% of the way through, I lost my mojo.

Like the final putts on the 18th hole. The gravy that still needs to be made for the Thanksgiving feast. The final 500m of a 10k run.

I wanted. To. Stop. Tired. Bored. Apathetic. Contrary.

Who's going to love this thing, anyways?

Recognizing a pattern that has had me stopping short in life, I caught it this time.

One thing I've learned deeply: if you want to feel better, open your circle, be vulnerable, ask for help, say you need it, allow it in. - Maria Shriver

I called in friends. I called in reinforcements. I invited them to help me hold this. Their cheers, offers and love has meant more than I can ever utter.

How else could Board of Your Life be born? After all, it has everything to do with rallying your team.

So grace be to them, the Board of Your Life kit will be available within two weeks. There won't be much fan-fare (though how gorgeous is that new graphic on your left? Carrie Klassen, Imma talking to you). It will slip quietly in the water. I will break a bottle of Veuve Cliquot on its side with my nearest and dearest and whisper a prayer that you love it as I do.

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If you are fighting through the last 10% of ANYTHING,  please heed this:

  • Lean into your friends. They want you to cross the finish line more than you know.
  • Clear your calendar. You may need to say no. You'll make up for it in leaps and bounds when you are finished.
  • Keep going. Edit by edit, swing by swing, stride by stride, whisk by whisk, we are getting there.

And you know what? We're going to love your thing, that's who.