Full confession:: up until very recently, I had very (VERY) little patience for “self love”. Now before you call the ICF and have them revoke my hard-earned coaching certification status, hear me out. “Self love” has always conjured images of shushed tones, whale music, wheat germ, and insipid teas. For ME. I’m not entirely sure where that came from, but I knew there was nothing here that was overtly appealing. Except for how virtuous I imagined I’d feel after spending a day eating wheat germ, drinking tea, listening to whale music and zoning out. That is, if I managed to not stab myself in the eyeballs before the day was through.

I totally, completely, respectfully GOT that those may well be practices that nurtured and supported others, but they were unequivocally NOT. FOR. ME.

So, I set out to understand the principle that I could inherently wrap my head around:: the kinder you are with yourself, the kinder you are with the world around you. And then I got all investigative reporter-like about self love means, FOR ME.

Because I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:: we all need to find our own way into this.

And  I started to dig in deeply to understand my values. And then I started to ask myself what I needed, then wanted. And then I started to listen to the answer. And then I started to respond with intention and commitment.

My self love practice is a daily inquiry:: What do I need today? What do I want today?

The Monday morning after I wrapped up the first cohort of my Step into Your Starring Role program, I was uncharacteristically tired, a little sad, wistful and scattered. The plan that I had mapped out on the previous Friday afternoon for the week ahead looked foreign, fraught with “shoulds” and completely uninspired.

What do I need today? What do I want today?

Sweat, prayer and play was the answer. And continued to be the answer for the balance of the week.

I switched some appointments around and spent the week at hot yoga, or immersed in my journal, or baking cakes or stuffing loot bags for my Kid’s birthday party. Joyfully and gratefully accepting the lavish and extravagant love that I was showing myself.

self love

And I must say, when I am loving up on myself, I am pretty awesome to be around.

The Self Love Revolution: Prep School

So that, in part, is how I devotionally show myself love. By committing to asking, listening and responding. That’s MY WAY.

Amy Smith + Andrew Owen are two powerhouse coaches devoted to helping you find YOUR WAY into self love. (This I know…I was in a Mastermind group with them a couple of years ago and I continue to benefit from their brand of no BS, love-fueled moxy). And I’m thrilled that they’ve invited me to participate in their love-child,  The Self Love Revolution: Prep School,  along with experts Susan Hyatt, Fabeku Fatunmise, Michelle Ward, Molly Mahar, Mara Glatzel, Isabel Foxen Duke, Jeanna Gabelinni, Lisa Steadman, and Amy Pearson. For two weeks, starting May 6th, you can get a short, content-packed video into your inbox every day. Practical tools, advice and tools to help you show YOU some love. Gorgeous.


If you haven’t already, click here to sign yourself up. My video about finding your Brand of Joy will land in your inbox on May 14th. Hope you love it!