Be careful what you wish for…you may get EXACTLY what you've asked for. No more, no less.

A story:

As long as my husband and I have been together and talking about building a life and family as one, we were always going to have a little girl named Lauren. There was no other name for her. Lauren or bust. She would be funny. She would be compassionate. She would be creative. She would have great hair and an even greater heart. Oh sure, we’d probably have another one. But our nights were spent dreaming and whispering about our Lauren. Magical, sweet girl.

Another story:

It was 2004. I was nursing said magical, sweet girl and reading a parenting magazine. I came across an article about Jennifer Torres, the beautiful entrepreneur behind Salsa Babies. She was quoted as saying she built her business with the intention of making the same amount as she did on her maternity benefits (called EI here in Canada). No more, no less.

At that time, my husband and I had sucked in the belly fat that was our budget and were managing to get by just fine, thank you very much, on his income and my EI benefits. YES, YES, YES, I thought as I sniffed the head of my honeysuckle-scented child. That was EXACTLY what I wanted: not an empire, just a business that I can run from home with my babe-in-arms that will cover what I was currently making on benefits. And maybe enough to cover the “incidental thousand” as my friend Krista says. I declared it that night to my husband.

I am incredibly blessed. I will repeat that. I am incredibly blessed: • I have my one dreamy Lauren. • I hit the desired revenue amount in my business within a year and a half of putting out my shingle.

There is not a single day that the joy of my child and the joy of my business don’t make a cameo in my gratitude journal. No. That feels too glib. There is not a single day that I do not thank the deity I call God for the gift of my daughter, my business and my life. Better.

Powerful stuff, this intention-setting.


• It’s likely that there will be no more sweet, magical children. • It took me a very very long time thereafter to surpass the EI + $1000 revenue amount in my business.

Powerful stuff, this intention-setting.

See where I’m going here?

I was super specific about the order that I placed. I forgot to leave room for ordering dessert. Besides, isn’t it greedy to ask for more?


Yeah, I know “more” is a four-letter word. But so is love, hope and cash. You’re allowed to ask for more. You always have been and you always will be.

As I shared months ago with my dear friend Rachel Cole:

The more I heap on, the more I share. And the more I send out, the more comes back to me.

Our needs scale. Our desires scale. Please make sure that your intentions scale too.

So, by all means, be specific with your dreams + wishes. Get granular AND leave space for more.