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My brand of joy includes generosity, gratitude and CONNECTION. So this part here is reeeeally important to me.

Thank YOU for wanting to connect.


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I’m finding my way on Pinterest (and am open to your beautiful ideas).

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On email

You can reach me at

On interviews

I love, looove, LOVE doing interviews. Period. (Guest posts a little less so, though I am willing to listen to your pitch if you think there’s a fabulous fit, because I know you know our time is valuable.) But back to interviews, because did I mention how I LOVE them?

My preference for interviews is, in order: video (any opportunity for new lipstick, ammirite?) audio, THEN written q+a. But all things are negotiable. Just ask.

Email my team at and we’ll sync up calendars.

Not sure what to interview me about? (Whaaaaa?) Zip on over to my media page.

On coaching questions

If you’re interested in working with me, I am honoured and just KNOW that you’ll find the right package here.

If you’re a new coach seeking advice, I think there is no better resource on the market than the Coaching Blueprint.

Thanks again for wanting to connect,