I have declared that 2010 will be the year of MORE. Now, truth be told, I have always had a certain level of discomfort with “more”. “More” is gauche, showy and brash. “More” is greedy, petulant and wasteful. This was epitomized for me in Costa Rica…my husband and I were on a yoga/surfing retreat and in love with the town but alarmed by how quickly it seemed to be developing, including an opulent new condo development that boasted that this was the place to be when “more just isn’t enough”.  The storey-high Buddhist statues ramped up the cringe-inducing factor by ten-fold.

So yeah, “more” can seem kind of icky.

But you know what is ickier?  A life lived in the shadows of potential. Clients come to coaching because they no longer want to hang out in that murky place. They want more...and I want it for them too. I dream of it and hold them higher than they hold themselves. I challenge them to step on out of those shadows and into the spotlight of their choosing. And that's where we do our work.

I’m turning that on myself as a gift to me. I, too, want more. And as ever, it’s about choice. As Steven Wright put it: “You can’t have everything. Where would you put it?” To make room for more, I’ll need to make some space in my proverbial closets.

And so, I choose:

  • More of being my authentic self and less of being what others ask me to be
  • More trust in the paths I’m choosing and less waffling about it
  • More travel and less work on the house
  • More writing and less surfing (web, that is)
  • More time with family and less work on weekends
  • More focus on the people I love and cherish and less on those I don’t
  • More physical challenges and less time in my comfort zones
  • More frequent pedicures at less chi-chi places
  • More money…and less apologizing about it.

Oh, it will be work…and it will be worth it. And so much more.

And you?