Fabeku Fatunmise
. First of all: can you even stand how great his name is? Me neither. Moving on.

If Fabeku had a business card (which he doesn’t), it would read: Business awesomizer. Suck exorcist. Sonic alchemist. World’s Most Skeptical Shaman.

More mm-mm-good copy from his site: Translating music magics + shamanic secrets into nuggets of biz-building BOOM!

Seriously. How could I possibly be holding conversations about Finding your Thing and NOT invite the man who rocks HIS Thing as gleefully as he rocks his red doc martens?


Meet Fabeku.

How extraordinary is Fabeku's question: “Ask yourself what would your bigness do?” That version of yourself that holds itself bigger, smarter, more resourceful, more capable, more...YOU. Yes, that. What would THAT have you do?

I invite you to sit with that gift. What a wildly valuable filter for all that you face.

And I'm wondering...

In YOUR experience, what has been the single most powerful question you've asked YOURSELF as you've sought your thing? Please do share over on my Facebook page. We'd love to know.

Tweetworthy Fabeku-isms (now, with 75% more ease!)

  • Know what doesn’t work? Using other people’s maps to find your home. (TWEET IT)
  • In finding your thing, look for what’s always been a part of your landscape.  (TWEET IT
  • Finding your thing may also be about finding the right language to talk about it. (TWEET IT)
  • Vanquishing your fear is part of process of doing your thing + putting it out there.  (TWEET IT)
  • I trust the mojo of what I do implicitly. (TWEET IT)
  • Trust the bigness inside of you that is pulling you toward your thing. (TWEET IT)
  • In finding your thing: Ask yourself what your bigness would do?  (TWEET IT)
  • Stop interpreting fear as a sign that you should stop what you’re doing. (TWEET IT)
  • In finding your thing, look for the edges that stretch you into your bigness.  (TWEET IT)


Wise + wonderful stuff.

Please go find Fabeku and follow what he's up to at his site  and on Twitter. Treats and offers and deliciousness galore.