So yeah, three beliefs walk into a bar. Their names are Scarcity, Abundance and Innovation. Scarcity sits down first and orders a beer. "We're out of beer", says the bartender. Scarcity gets up and leaves. Abundance sits down…orders the same. "We're out of beer", says the bartender. Abundance thanks him and says he'll wait for it to show up, so sure is he that it's already here. The bartender scratches his head and thinks for a moment, then goes downstairs to the Keg Room, just in case Abundance is correct. In the meantime, Innovation has heard that there is no beer and sets to fashioning a still out of the coasters, swizzle sticks, and tent cards that he sees on the bar in the bartender's absence.

At this point, the bartender returns with a full keg of beer. Abundance was right. There was more than enough beer here all along.

Innovation asks for the bottles behind the bar that NO ONE ever asks for. The bartender shakes his ahead again, thinking Innovation is crazy…after all, there's now plenty of beer…he doesn't need to drink THAT ancient crap, but hands him over the Blue Curacao, Malibu Rum and Galliano. They're loss leaders anyways. Innovation pours them into his still and out comes the most exquisite beer imaginable. With his jaw on the floor, the bartender says:: "You, my friend, will become a millionaire". And so it is.


Okay…I make with the masterful coaching, not necessarily the masterful joke crafting.

Point is…

I think you can believe that there's no room at the top (so why bother), that there's PLENTY of room at the top (you just need to be able to see beyond the perceived limitations of the glass ceiling) or that there's more than enough room if you build a whole new office tower. With your name on it.

The most successful people I know travel along path B.

These two women, backed with a jaw-droppingly good idea and tenacity are travelling path C. They’re professor is correct:: they're going to be millionaires.


Sure…the economy sucks, my Mayor smokes crack, there are only so many opportunities that throw themselves down at your feet for you to trip over them, but I'll take abundance and innovation ANY day over scarcity.

And when I do, the opportunities are everywhere. And they’re golden.

Your choice scarcity
Your choice scarcity

Practise this

You have the capacity to believe in abundance…just notice how much grace and love surrounds you, yes, YOU. And you are well smart enough to innovate. Just look for the gaps you want to fill and itches that want to be scratched. And hearken back to the times in your life when you have engineered solutions out of thin air. You did it then, you will do it now. (And if you need a reminder...create your YUM + YAY folder.)