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It’s easy (really, really easy) to track the losses. We do it all the time. We are constantly tallying up the disappointments and every last place where we feel like we fell off of our path.

Couldn’t close the deal.
Fell short. Fell down.
Struck out.
Zigged when we could have, should have zagged.

But given how much you resist “easy” anyway, let’s not do that.

Let’s go for the hard instead.

Let’s track the wins.


Scan the past 10 days and note the many, many graces that wound their way to you.

The unsolicited invitations.
The "just because" cards.
The manna-from-heaven new client.
The "I miss you" texts.
The "Can you lead on this?" vote of confidence from your boss.
The whispers of encouragement from unseen forces.
The delightful review from a fan.
The "Can you read this over because I trust you?" requests.
The yeses.
Every single "I see you" acknowledgment.

And, of course...

It’s not just about the nods of recognition (even though they feel like great swaths of velvet).
Let’s also track the moments you felt your own power.

You felt your own yes-ness.
You came face-to-face with your purpose.
You stood your ground.
You made the call.
You kept on going.

"Track your wins. And when you run out of room on the page, flip it over + keep writing."