Last night, my husband and I did what we were “supposed to do” to celebrate Valentine’s Day. We went out for a lovely meal at a lovely restaurant and didn’t talk about our daughter. Not even once. As lovely (and outrageously overpriced) as it all was, we couldn’t wait to get home to slip into something more comfortable and get busy. No, not THAT kind of comfortable nor busy. I mean getting into our Lululemons and having at a blank canvas we’ve been meaning to tackle. Apparently, it’s what we do.

Inspired more by the restaurant's abundant artwork than its food, we cracked open a bottle of MacLaren Vale and went to work, with no real plan in mind for what the finished piece would look like. After all, canvasses are pretty cheap and we knew we’d have fun regardless of the outcome. (Am really working on this non-attachment stuff).  I did my thing on one side and Greg did his on the other…and then we met sort of in the middle. An hour later, we were done.  We thought.

We stood back and felt pretty pleased with how it had come together. Here’s what we did.


Then a funny thing happened.  I stood back to admire it as G held it against the wall, and then he rotated it 90 degrees. Huh. Different.


Another 90 degrees.


And another.


Greg likes version number 2…something about it raining down happy goodness on the earth. Not bad.

I like version number 3. The upward motion feels aspirational. And somehow, 4 seems more pensive and sombre.

Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not really suggesting that this is art worthy of great discussion. We don’t purport to be artists (we didn’t even have palettes so we used a plastic cutting board and an unused cat litter pan to blend colours). But we like it and it looks good on the wall and that’s the end of that.

What I’m writing about here is perspective. One painting. Several iterations. Many different emotions. All good.

We strung the wire on the back so it can be hung any which way we like on any given day.

My Valentine's Day gift to you, dear reader, is the reminder that you too are always at choice. You get to choose your perspective. It can be as easy as turning the canvas around if you so desire.

I hope that today you choose to have fun, play, laugh and love.