My Brand of Joy is JOY. And it’s what I seek in everything I do. My work, my relationships, my clients.

From that place of joy, I created the Step into Your Starring Role program which became the Starring Role Playbook which became the Starring Role Academy.

From that place of joy, I called together experts to form the SIYSR virtual retreat (and yeah, that was pure joy).

From that place of joy, I know how to overcome obstacles. How to conquer my inbox before vacation. What to create for dinner. What to say YES to...and what to say NO to.

My inquiry is always: how can this be more joyful?

And when that's too big, I root into what underpins it for me.

How can I feel more connected? Grateful? Generous?

And then I know the way forward.

When it's not aligned with my Brand of Joy, it's not aligned with anything. (Tweet)

You have your own brand of what I call joy. Maybe it's devotion. Or freedom. Or ease. Or flow. Or expanded. Or success. Or love. Or beauty. Once you know what it is, it will inform EVERYTHING if you let it (and you should).

Time for you to see what your unique Brand of Joy is.

This video is the first of five for teaching you how to move forward to step into YOUR starring role.

Full transparency: While it’s joyful for me to share these tools, I’m also offering them to help you determine if the Starring Role Academy is for you.

Either way, may knowing your Brand of Joy serve you well. xx