The media never misses an opportunity to poke gentle fun at Lululemon’s yin/yang balance of brand (eastern philosophy and enviro-consciousness) and business acumen (P&L statements and aggressive growth targets). Articles regularly abound with headers such as “Zen and the Art of Retailing.”Some find the company pretentious and overpriced; others feel it’s a welcome antidote to the proliferation of big box suburban sprawl in cities like Toronto. But no one can deny they reached the right niche at the right time.

In an April 13 Globe & Mail profile of Chip Wilson, the founder and past-CEO offered a few interesting nuggets about his decision to hand over the reins of the company but remain as their “Chief Idea Officer”:

“Once an entrepreneur gets hold of how wonderful it is to be good at what they're good at - and let someone else do what they're not good at - that's when life gets really fun.”

Chip sees the value in focusing your life on what inspires you wherever possible—this is advice we’d all do well to take.

PS - He sponsors run in Vancouver in support of a children's hospital called "Chip's not dead yet". Rationale? "I don't want to wait until two minutes before I die to be excited about my life. I found that by envisioning my death, it has got me more excited about living right now."

Getting excited about life NOW? I'll say it again...this is advice we'd all do well to take.