Dearest L - On your 8th birthday, I have eight wishes for you.

And one for me.

For you

  1. I wish that you always carry with you this big heart of yours: the one that wants to be the peacekeeper, inspired by what you know of Marianne. Beautiful as you are, your heart is your best feature. 
  2. I wish that you retain your capacity for empathy, even when you get charged with being too sensitive.
  3. I wish you to hold on fiercely to your belief that you can be anything you want. Because baby, you can.
  4. I wish you continued delight in every wonder. And that even as those big, beautiful wide eyes become dimmer with the skepticism of age, that your curiosity lights your way.
  5. I wish you to feel deeply...the highs AND the lows.  No sense avoiding it, 'cause  there'll be days like this.
  6. I wish you to KNOW that your voice may be sweet, and it's still mighty. It will take you to places beyond your wildest dreams.
  7. I wish you could see yourself, as we see you.

And for me

I wish I'll always be something like this in your green eyes.

Oh, I know that it won't always be this way. And so, for those years that you won't be able to stand my very presence, my final wish is this:

8. That you remember this morning: your bear holding your balloons for you, the chocolate croissants in bed, the steady stream of phone calls from family and friends,  and the biggest worry of your heart being what party dress to wear to school.

I know I will.