My husband’s folks own a delightful condo in Myrtle Beach. My wee family goes every couple of summers (not this one) and we all get our fix of favourite things: tennis, beach yoga, body surfing, ice cream, ridiculous arrays of potato chips (and I do mean RIDICULOUS), mini putt with dyed-blue water, crab legs, Charleston, Rolling Rock beer, outlet shopping and Nick Jr. (Not precisely a cultural renaissance, yet...) Nick Jr may be the thing the kid misses the most - lazy mornings watching shows we don’t get in Toronto while we’d unhurriedly plan the day’s outings.

One of her favourite songs was and remains:

I love this song too. Instant mood-lifter, to be sure, but that’s not the only reason I love it. It comes down to the penultimate line:

You can be your you-iest.

Kelly reminded me of this in her heart-wrenching and achingly stunning post about bravely showing up and offering only your you-iest.

And it makes me wonder...

What would it mean for you to be your you-iest?

What would be different?

What would you get to say no to?

What do you get to say yes to?

What if you could be your own boss?

What if you could just show up…AS YOU ARE?

Moose A. Moose gives you full permission to be your you-iest. And so do I. Go on…start right now. From here. Show up fully as your authentic and glorious self…how can you be anything but?