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Yum + Yay

Design your 2015…in ten minutes flat.

I want to tell you all of the magical things that happened in 2014. (Celebration loves company and you are exquisitely good company.) I want to tell you about the brilliant lights who showed up for Step into Your Starring Role(and the ways that they’ve shaped their worlds in their claimed roles). I want to say more about my dreamy collaboration with Lauren for Beyond Compare and the ripples of impact that we’re seeing from those who have stepped into the depths of the work.

I want to tell you about the conversations, the meals, the interviews, the travel, the breakthroughs, the healing, the community, the opportunities and the highs Highs HIGHS that made 2014.

AND? The LOWS, Lows, lows of 2014. It’s all part of the glorious jumble that is this messy and blessed life.

But…I’m feeling way more called to be useful and helpful to YOU.

So let’s put the focus on YOU. Specifically, on your 2015.

I know you’re busy. I know I know I know. And? If you take me up on this wee task, I promise it will be a gift to you that you’ll thank us both for, so pour a second (third?) cup of rooibos or Peet’s and DO THIS NOW.

Write a letter to yourself from December 30th 2015.

Remember your 5th grade teacher had you write one of these? Thrilling to see all that YOU made happen in 12 short months, wasn’t it?

Write it but good. Free form, like you’re writing to yourself…’cause you are. Quirky, like you. Charming, like you. Effusive, like you. Truthful, like you.

It’s a letter of all that you’ve seen and experienced and won and conquered and overcome and delivered and done and healed and enjoyed in 2015. Write it from the perspective that all of these wondrous things have happened…’cause you’ve made ‘em happen.

If this takes more than ten minutes, you’re probably overthinking it.(Maybe something to consider overcoming in 2015?) And if what you write doesn't quicken your heart rate, you're probably low-balling it. (Maybe something ELSE to consider overcoming in 2015?)

Notice how the “theme” and the “word” and all other goal-setting 101 staples that you’ve been struggling to name start to reveal themselves. Notice how the plan you’ve been white-knuckling to map out starts to take shape.

And then you’ll see, really see how magical things happen when we remove ourselves from another’s plan and align with our own inner whisperings.

TAKE NOTE: This letter isn’t about the “how’s”.

Leave plenty of space for serendipity to take its place. Or put another way? Know that those “how” details are already being handled backstage by your trusty subconscious stage hands. Leave it to them for now. 

Once you’ve signed “With love, from 2015 Me”, I have a request.

Send it to me.

Let me help hold this exquisite vision of yourself for 2015.

I promise it’ll be kept in sacred confidence and held with love, care and belief. (It’ll go straight to my personal email address…no one else on my team will see it). Just you, me and the universe will know of the joy that 2015 has in store for you.

Yes yes?

All righty then.

Write on and send it to me.

I’ll be fireside awaiting your responses.

Thank you for helping me create the magical year that was 2014.

It was.

And 2015? Phew. Hot stuff.(The word that showed up for 2015 in my own letter was "UP". THAT feels about right.)


Track your wins

Tanya Geisler - Instagram Graphics - Nov 1.png

It’s easy (really, really easy) to track the losses. We do it all the time. We are constantly tallying up the disappointments and every last place where we feel like we fell off of our path.

Couldn’t close the deal.
Fell short. Fell down.
Struck out.
Zigged when we could have, should have zagged.

But given how much you resist “easy” anyway, let’s not do that.

Let’s go for the hard instead.

Let’s track the wins.


Scan the past 10 days and note the many, many graces that wound their way to you.

The unsolicited invitations.
The "just because" cards.
The manna-from-heaven new client.
The "I miss you" texts.
The "Can you lead on this?" vote of confidence from your boss.
The whispers of encouragement from unseen forces.
The delightful review from a fan.
The "Can you read this over because I trust you?" requests.
The yeses.
Every single "I see you" acknowledgment.

And, of course...

It’s not just about the nods of recognition (even though they feel like great swaths of velvet).
Let’s also track the moments you felt your own power.

You felt your own yes-ness.
You came face-to-face with your purpose.
You stood your ground.
You made the call.
You kept on going.

"Track your wins. And when you run out of room on the page, flip it over + keep writing."



YUM + YAY Goodness

The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.

– Oprah Winfrey

When I spoke at TEDx Women last fall, I mentioned my “YAY” folder as a powerful tool in bolstering my sense of authority and beating back my Impostor Complex, as needed. I was surprised to discover that of all that I shared in that talk, it was THAT FOLDER that people were most curious about.

I shouldn’t have been surprised.

We have a complicated relationship with celebrating ourselves. {I think that’s about as mildly as I could have put that}. Quite simply put, we don’t. Or we do, but in a way that is a “should” rather than from a place of pure YESness.

The reasons are varied and wide.

We don’t want to be egotistical. We don’t think we’ve done anything super great. Yet. And so on…

But I want you to lean in for this one. Whether you’re fearful of the social costs of tooting your own horn or that you haven’t done enough (yet) doesn’t change this fact::

It’s an illusion that you are keeping all of that brilliance to yourself.

We can see it. And we want you to see what WE see. Because it is

So let us.

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YUM+YAY collage

(Don’t they just make you sit taller?)

You’ve got mountains to climb, books to write and stages to take. Gathering evidence of all that you’ve done and all that you can do is just good process. Dive in.

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