Your life is a grand production. Have you landed your starring role?

You're an achiever, aren't you? A seeker of meaning. Someone who wants to contribute. Live in colour. And there are lots of things you know you could do and be... but you seem to circle these ideas, never quite landing. You may have wonderings like...

  • I want to step UP. What might that even look like?
  • How am I showing up in my life?
  • Where are my blind spots and what are they keeping me from?
  • I know there's more for me. Where can I contribute more?

Your starring role is the one that you are meant to claim. Living a life of purpose, value and dare I say it? Joy.

Your starring role is your career, yes, and it is so ever much more. It is stepping into your own glory. And it is what I deeply desire for you.

But the truth is that none of us does this alone. Every grand production requires a talented cast and craftspeople and team and champions and audiences and witnesses and friends and loved ones.

Board of Your Life is a gathering of the cast of your life. It's an opportunity to see yourself and your starring role the way others see you. The goal is to discover our own ambitions and aspirations and explore ways of bringing them to the stage... in the most supportive, nurturing and structured way imaginable.

This is an experience that will change your life.

"There is a twilight zone in our hearts that we ourselves cannot see. ...
The way we are seen and understood by others is different
from the way we see and understand ourselves".
- Henri Nouwen

The Twilight Zone in Your Heart

Yes, you know your APTITUDES. You know what you're GOOD at. You can (and have) listed this out in black and white. It's the grayish place, the twilight of your heart, that you are yearning to see. You know there is truth here. Deep and mysterious truths, ready to be revealed. Ensconced in those truths may be the answers to your every question about your life's path. Curious?

Be Seen

The people in our lives can see us more clearly than we see ourselves, and can reflect back to us our ambitions and aspirations in a way sometimes hidden from our direct view.

That's a crucial revelation. And, when you're at that fork in the road, when time to choose your path ' or hack one out through the underbrush ' it's a beacon of truth that can light your way.

When you're looking for direction, an often overlooked but necessary, profound, an enlightening step is to...

...Look to the people in your life.

Ask them. Invite them in. Listen. Listen for the essential truths that overlap with your essence.

There is a road here.

A journey. The beginning.

If you want more - or if you can't do it alone but know you need to do it - the phenomenal Tanya Geisler has a new genius thing called Board of Your Life that I completely recommend. Seven thumbs up! - Jennifer Louden

Step Into Your Starring Role

1) Hire me. ($2500 + travel and expenses)


2) Buy the Board of Your Life Kit ($150) and have it facilitated by someone in your life. A friend, a coach.

The Board of Your Life Kit includes:

1. The Board of Your Life Start HERE Guide to set the tone and get you geared up for the event of your life.

2. The Board of Your Life Glorious YOU Guide: 45 pages filled with everything you need to prepare to BE fully in the Board of Your Life experience. Including:

  • Searing questions designed to incinerate your excuses and illuminate your particular excellences ' an essential first step to determining your particular path.
  • Parameters for selecting ' and preparing - your Facilitator.
  • A matrix for assembling a list of luminaries ' friends, colleagues, teachers, mentors ' for your Advisory Board.
  • Guidance for 'making the ask' including gracious, confidence-boosting e-mail templates and scripts.
  • Timelines, checklists, material lists

3. The Board of Your Life Fabulous Facilitator's Guide

Everything your chosen Facilitator needs to masterfully (and easily!) facilitate the session ~ this will NOT be a burden

  • Instructions for coaching tools and skills
  • Timelines, checklists, material lists, scripts, exercises, questions
  • Introspective prompts for their own self-discovery process

It's a roadmap. It's a value-driven design aligned with your personal essence and excellences. It's the script for your grand production. It's an action plan for stepping into your starring role.

It's Board of Your Life.

Your Board. Your Life.

Your Grand Production

I designed Board of Your Life in 2008 as a program to help write, direct, and star in your own grand production - even when you're not yet sure where your life story goes or how you can shine.

Imagine assembling a dream team of people who deeply know you and are raring to support your dreams and applaud your success. Now imagine three-hour visionary brainstorming session with them - entirely dedicated to discovering your unique values and particular gifts and genius. Your calling.

You. A Facilitator. Your Advisory Board.

This notion isn't new. Indigenous cultures rally around a tribesperson who has lost their ability to make medicine. Fortune 500s do 360 evaluations. Quakers have Clearness Committees.

Why? When you're not at your best, no one is. You are critical to the health of the whole system.

And when you are aligned with your whole self, your purpose, your medicine? Everyone wins. You. Your family. Your community. Your world.

Which is why the people in your life WANT to help. You.

"It feels like Board of Your Life is an opportunity to (re)construct a mirror of who we truly are - a mirror that is fragmented because none of us can really see the totality of who and what we are, and mirroring is essential to coming to sense it." - Julie Daley

What could it look like?

The Board of Your Life program ain't fluff. It's born of research (upon research), has been reviewed by some of the best coaches in the world, and, while it holds ample space for spontaneity, is seriously structured. You won't have to wonder what to do (if you're going self-directed, the guidebook outlines clear and easy responsibilities for all participants) or how to guide the conversation (won't be your job!) or if there's a way for you to mess it up (can't-do).

You will be given guidance for choosing your Board and then your greatest responsibility will be to show up. On the day of your Board of Your Life gathering, your facilitator will guide the session, following a clear, friendly, so-effective protocol. You will leave with new clarity and a heart filled with gratitude, and your Board members will leave feeling honoured, trusted and cherished. And blissfully pleased that they got to help you make some shifts happen in your life. It's a win-win-win-win-win.

As a Facilitator of Board of your life, I found the entire process from beginning to end highly inspiring and transformational. All of the participants at the event also commented on how much they personally gained from the experience. As a professional Facilitator I feel confident in recommending Board of your life. - Terry Kyle

The Fear

I get it. You're sitting with: Who could I possibly ask? Who'd give me that time? Who even cares?

Try this. Envision one person in your life that you'd want on your Advisory Board. You respect this person, and they you. Focus on this person, your relationship and the deep desire you share for happiness and personal fulfillment.

Now, imagine they come to you and ask YOU to be on their Advisory Board for three hours. To help THEM see how they're showing up in the world. To point out THEIR blind spots. To champion THEM onto the next path. What's your response?

An effusive yes? Thought so.

You're used to helping. Not asking.

It feels good to help.

Think maybe some people in your life might be interested in that same good feeling?

Yeah. Me too.

It's a delicious immersion in who you are, what you're great at, how you're showing up and what's next. It's intense. Board of Your Life is not for the squeamish'it's for ambitious visionaries ready to act.

I loved, loved, loved Board of your Life. It was my friend, my teacher, my coach, and my challenger all rolled into a nice neat package. Be careful what you ask for, you will be changed, and for the better! - Amanda French

(Psst...unavoidable side effect of the program: everyone involved in your Board of Your Life experience walks away more self-aware than when they started out. )

Your Whole Life Has Been Leading Up To This

There are a couple of ways to have the Board of Your Life Experience.

Both culminate in a three-hour facilitated event with you and your advisors. Boom, kapow, zing! This is the heart of Board of Your Life. Includes more than twenty tools ' searing questions, illuminating exercises and activities ' proven to deliver what the room needs in service of you. Interactivity has never been so much fun - nor so powerful.

This product is genius. This kit is the difference between, 'Oh, isn't that a cool idea?' and 'Holy crap. I'm putting that on the calendar & sending out the invites.' It's the difference between aspiration and action. It's the difference between wanting something different and doing something different. It's a solution where there was none before. - Tara Gentile

I was surprised by how much fun we all had! So much so that a few people from my Advisory Board started to question their own possibilities and said they too would benefit from the program. I walked away from the program with an invigorated sense of excitement and motivation which opened me up for new possibilities! - M.P.

As the first ever to be treated to the magical mix called Board of Your Life; I saw firsthand what a wide network of support I had and that there was a world of possibility before me. That night was the spark that started me on a path to being an entrepreneur and leadership/ business development coach. Whenever there is a "new Oprah", I am certain Tanya will be invited to share the wisdom of this world class Board of Your Life program! - Lisa Chandler

There is little more powerful than being witnessed and held by people you respect and love. While we might get by with a little help from our friends, an intentional and designed alliance catapults us into wildest-dream zone. Board of Your Life gives you the structure to soar. It honors those who've got your back while delightfully calling them forth in support of you. It's both invitation and invocation of hope, community and transformation. Board of Your Life creates the round table of champions for your quest. It is a call to love and an ode to joy. (Much like its creator.) - Randi Buckley