She decided that she was ready to release the binary narrative of the Impostor Complex (that decreed if she wasn’t a complete success, then she was a dismal failure).
She decided she was ready to step into her starring role.
She decided she was ready to step into herself.

And her path wasn’t silky smooth. Sure, there were some gifts from the heavens. But moreover, it was challenged with twists and turns and shadows and doubts.
Her readiness precluded turning and her desires were bigger than her fears, so she asked her fears what they were here to teach her and she kept on going.
She gathered support when she needed it, putting past her life-long abhorrence of asking for help. In her travels, she came to recognize the gift she was offering the world in stepping into her starring role. And that she wasn’t required to go it alone.
Not by a long shot.
When there were gaps in her ability, she filled them.

She kept going. She kept going.

When she got where she wanted to go, she rested there. She celebrated the decisions, the choices, the learnings. She recharged and she integrated.
And then she decided that she was ready for the next quest.

The only difference between you and the woman you admire is the fact that she decided she was ready.

And worthy of meeting her desires.
Be the woman you admire.