I find it helpful to know somebody I think the world of somewhere is trying to get rid of an earworm.

I also find it helpful...

...to remember that most everyone is in denial about their current age.

...to listen to stories of barriers people that don’t look like me face so I can dial down my judgment and ramp up my resolve.

...to know that everyone gets interrupted by someone. And it is annoying, but it doesn’t mean as much as we make it out to mean.

...to remember that everyone needs comfort.

...to remember that the patriarchy wins when we spend time tearing ourselves and each other down...instead of the patriarchy. (Distinction ahoy: I’m not talking about calling in. I’m talking about tearing down.)

...to be reminded that there are no actual experts in anything but our own lives.

...to see that sometimes even when it feels right, it is still technically wrong. (Fifth clap in the Friends theme song, anyone?)

...to know that no matter how long I live, I will still find out stuff that I can’t believe I didn’t know. It’s true: You know more than you think and you will never know it all. Me too.

...to appreciate that there will be moments of grace found in the way the sun bathes an object with golden light so startling that you will be brought to your knees. No matter what thought preceded the moment.

...to remember that we are all cool kids in someone else’s eyes.

...to see that I have done incredible things. And I will continue to do so. As long as I keep showing up. And learning. And recalibrating. And staying open. And receiving the help. Because I sure as shit didn’t do any of it entirely alone.

...to keep coming back to the fact that our teachers and ancestors must to be acknowledged. Give thanks.

...to remember that I will not remember the worry in my heart that I was holding when I was on the couch and her feet were tucking into my knees...but I will remember the feeling of her feet in my knees.

...to remember there is a big difference between getting noticed and being seen.

...to know, really know, that self love is when we love ourselves...but self care is when we prove it.

...to see that We all assume the worst the best we can.

...to remember that I am not my thoughts. I am not my thoughts. I am not my thoughts. AND YET. Sometimes those thoughts are rooted in very real fears. So...both. And.

...to always keep in mind that no matter who they are, from Maya Angelou to John Lennon. From Lupita Nyong'o to Albert Einstein...if you’re up to amazing things, you WILL experience the Impostor Complex. And the only way through is some magical combination that only you can conjure of rooting into your capacity, meeting the critics, gathering your people and hours lived.